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We pride ourselves to be the leading clinic to introduce the revolutionary dermal filler – Anteis into the UK by Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi who pioneered this revolutionary dermal filler worldwide.

Anteis is a new and unique double-cross linked hyaluronic acid, of non-animal origin. The Anteis was granted a Frost & Sullivan 2011 European New Product Innovation Award in London, 2011.

Anteis’ launched Anteis Injection System which was a breakthrough device for administering fillers and rehydration products.

The Anteis range is the only highly cross-linked gel that can be injected very superficially for even more natural, effective and long-lasting results, while injecting less product.

Anteis gels are totally reliable, perfectly biocompatible and completely biodegradable. The Anteis range is today’s ideal natural solution that gives a wonderful glow to the complexion and rejuvenates damaged skin.

The Anteis Range

The Anteis range includes two products with different concentrations and formulations, that allow the cosmetic doctor to select the product that is best suited to the real needs of each individual patient.

Anteis gels are manufactured using non-cross linked hyaluronic acid from biofermentation (i.e. of non animal origin) and where its high degree of purity guarantees exceptional results in optimised treatment conditions.

With this, Anteis has further developed four totally complementary product ranges, designed to smooth, fill, model and rehydrate the dermis to perfection:

Esthelis – Smoothing to perfection. Range of fourth-generation resorbable gels dedicated to correct fine lines, wrinkles, scars and enhancing lip volume – based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid from biofermentation.

Fortelis – Filling to perfection. Resorbable implant, dedicated to filling deep wrinkles and folds, working on facial volume and contour and increasing lip volume – based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid from biofermentation.

Modelis – Modelling to perfection. Modelis is an injectable resorbable sub-implant indicated to restore facial volume, eg. enhance the cheeks, cheekbones, temples, jaw, chin, nose …

Mesolis – Rehydrating to perfection.

Key features of the Anteis range

Anteis gels hydrate the skin, reviving their complexion whilst improving the skin’s firmness, tone and elasticity, and preventing wrinkles and folds.

The Anteis and Mesolis products are designed to be injected manually through a syringe, which the doctor is able to manipulate precisely and delicately.

Depending upon the areas to be treated and their extent, the cosmetic doctor chooses the most suitable technique (micro-papular technique or multipuncture technique) with the micro-injections generally being spaced several millimetres apart.

  • Extremely natural-looking results
  • Hydrate the skin
  • Improve the skin’s firmness
  • Improve tone and elasticity of the skin
  • Prevent wrinkles and folds

Anteis injections

Anteis injections can be used on face, neck, cleavage (décolleté), back of hands and any dermal surfaces subjected to external aggression.

The Anteis Injection System is suitable for all types of aesthetic treatments based on injectable gels, including filling wrinkles, modifying facial shape and volume, revitalizing the dermis, and treating cellulite.

Anteis’ range of dermal fillers can be precisely injected with the help of the semi-automated Anteis Injection System (AIS), which distributes either droplets of an exact determined volume or a constant flow of hyaluronic acid (HA) gel, allowing for a smooth and consistent delivery of the product.

This innovative injection system monitors and readjusts injection pressure, thus avoiding the painful pressure peaks that can occur during manual injection.

With Anteis Injection System patients will have a significant reduction in pain during and after the injection, fewer side-effects, such as, bruising, redness, swelling and a faster return to everyday life, especially with skin revitalization treatments.

Each session lasts about thirty minutes and does not require any specific preparation of the dermis.

Safety of Anteis

Anteis products are produced from hyaluronic acid derived from biofermentation. Hyaluronic acid is a very important natural component of the skin. Anteis injections diffuse and thus are naturally incorporated into the superficial dermis and are absorbed gradually as time passes.

Anteis is approved by MHRA in the UK for restoration and/or correction of the signs of facial fat loss (lipoatrophy) and is used for treating facial lines and wrinkles.

In capable doctor hands, with the right training and experience, this is a very safe and effective procedure. Over time the technique has evolved to optimise the effects and reduce problems.

The mechanism consists of sustained performance and complete bioresorption.

The excellent performance and saftey of the Anteis is well grounded in its mode of action and specificaly tunable characteristics.

Anteis at our clinic

Patients travel from all over the UK to have Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi perform Anteis treatments at the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, which is one of the leading training centres for Anteis treatment in the UK and Europe.

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