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PicoWay III Laser

What was science fiction for us yesterday is at our disposal today… PicoWay III Laser treats pigmentation, rejuvenates the skin and is an advanced tattoo removal treatment, one session of PicoWay will give immediate results, is pain free and has no downtime.

We pride ourselves to be the very first clinic to introduce the revolutionary PicoWay III Laser into the UK and Europe by Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi in 2017.

PicoWay is an advanced laser treatment for tattoo removal, pigmentation, skin irregularities and signs of aging.

The PicoWay from Syneron-Candela is a picosecond pulse solid-state laser system intended to treat skin conditions with high pulse energy and extremely short duration in the range of 300-500 picoseconds (ps).

The device is capable of operation at 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelength allowing for greater results and great selection of suitable candidates.

The PicoWay device is the only one of its kind, delivering ultra-short pulses at high peak power, which in turn breaks down the pigment of unwanted tattoos and lesions. Because of its strength, patients see a more visible result after just one treatment.

By delivering pulses at a picosecond (a trillionth of a second), the PicoWay enables the physician to easily adjust the wavelength and the size of the treated area. This novel machine permits patients of various skin types to be treated, eliminating the risk of burns and keloid scarring.


Tattoo Removal

PicoWay is the first, 785nm wavelength picosecond-domain laser in the world. This novel addition to the PicoWay enables optimal treatment for blue and green tattoos, and is a welcome addition to the 532 and 1,064nm wavelengths already available with the original PicoWay.

The new 785nm wavelength further enhances the already strong capabilities of the PicoWay platform for tattoo removal, adding to its ability to rapidly and safely clear multicolored tattoos.

The PicoWay laser light is targeted at colors matching the specific laser wavelength in ultra-short picosecond pulses. These pulses shatter the tattoo into very tiny particles, which are then easily eliminated by the body’s natural processes.

The PicoWay laser emits less heat energy than traditional lasers providing a safer, more comfortable treatment for all skin types, with fewer side effects.

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on many factors such as the age, location, depth, size and type of tattoo. All tattoos will require several treatments for optimal results.

Pigmented Lesions

The PicoWay Resolve procedure uses breakthrough technology to not only eliminate unwanted pigment but also revitalize and tone aging skin.

PicoWay Resolve’s revolutionary holographic fractional handpiece delivers targeted laser energy into the skin to reduce wrinkles and tone skin for a smoother complexion. And PicoWay Resolve offers results without disrupting the surrounding skin, so there is no downtime after treatment.

PicoWay Resolve’s unique picosecond laser technology enables the removal of benign pigmented spots, including freckles, solar lentigines (brown spots), Nevus of Ota, Café-au-Lait spots and melasma.

PicoWay Resolve is a safe, effective treatment option for any skin type, and offers results in just a few treatments.

Laser light is targeted at unwanted pigment in ultrashort picosecond pulses. These pulses shatter the pigment into very tiny particles which are then easily eliminated by the body’s natural processes.

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on many factors such as the location, depth, size and type of pigmentation.

Some lesions can be resolved in a single treatment, others may require several treatments for optimal results.

PicoWay Laser at our clinic

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi is thrilled to offer the PicoWay Laser to his patients


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