Botox: The Drug That’s Treating Everything

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Forget wrinkles. Botox can be used to treat migraines, depression, twitching eyes, overactive bladders, sweaty palms and more. Some call it a marvel of medicine.

Now, thanks in large part to Botox– the wrinkle smoother that exploded as a cultural phenomenon and medical triumph–is increasingly being drafted for problems that go far beyond the cosmetic.

The depression suffered by millions of patients is just one example on a list that includes everything from excessive sweating and neck spasms to leaky bladders, premature ejaculation, migraines, cold hands and even the dangerous cardiac condition of atrial fibrillation after heart surgery, among others.

Botox is a neurotoxin derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Ingested in contaminated food, it can interfere with key muscles in the body, causing paralysis and even death. But when injected in tiny doses into targeted areas, it can block signals between nerves and muscles, causing the muscles to relax.

Mr Ayoubi explains: “Botox works by temporarily immobilizing muscle activity. It does this by blocking nerve-muscle communication, which makes the injected muscles unable to contract”.

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