How I Keep Young

The actress is using a new laser treatment to stay looking young...
Anna Friel has always had amazing skin and we've often wondered how her face looks so young, smooth and unlined at 33 years old. It turns out it's not just good genes - the actress has admitted to having a bit of help in the form of a laser treatment being hailed as 'the new Botox'.
"I do have something called Polaris, " she admitted last week. "It's like a laser machine that brings collagen to the surface. You see an immediate difference. It's the best thing around."
The hour-long treatment costs around £150 a session and works by irritating the deep layers of skin, making them produce more collagen, which smooths put wrinkles and makes skin look younger. "Four sessions, three weens apart, can last you a year t 18 months if you look after your skin," plastic and laser surgeon Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi of the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic tells Look.
"The treatment gives you results you colud never achieve with creams or beauty products. This new technology works because it doesn't penetrate the skin deeply, but as with all laser treatments, there is a risk of scarring or burning."
Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi points out that Anna has started the treatment quite young. "I'd say your mid-30s to late-40s is a good time to start," he says.
Some condsider the treatment to tbe better than Botox. "With Botox, the product is injected deep into the skin and doesn't get rid of lines, but just freezes muscles, says Dr Al-Ayoubi.
"Polaris doesn't penetrate as deep, and uses collagen production to plump up your skin.
It's a non-surgical procedure, but Anna says she wouldn't rule out surgery in the future. "Im', not going to say I wouldn't have anything done because I'd be a liar," she said. "I'm sure I'll be one of those people who has bits of tweaking."

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