The Future of Non-Surgical Face Lift

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As facial rejuvenation approaches have advanced, non-surgical face lifts have gained popularity among patients who seek a minimally invasive alternative to a traditional facelift procedure.

Silhouette Soft

Silhouette Soft Helps increase volume while restoring the contours of the mid-face and cheek areas gradually and naturally.

During this in-clinic procedure, the experienced facial plastic surgeon lifts the deeper layers of the skin with the innovative cone technology. The targeted area can be redefined by manipulating the tissue and lifting the skin with the cones.

Silhouette Soft

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi explains the unique dual action of Silhouette Soft sutures has two effects; a lifting action for immediate results, and collagen regeneration for gradual volumisation and skin health renewal.

The treatment is easily tolerated and takes approximately 45 minutes under local anaesthesia, depending on how many sutures are deployed. There is no down time and patients can typically resume daily activities quickly.

Dr Ayoubi

Dr Ayoubi explains Silhouette Soft results are visible immediately as there is an instant lift to the mid-face area, and will improve over a three-month period. The treatment also adds volume gradually by stimulating the regeneration of collagen with the result lasting up to 2-3 years.

Silhouette Soft is a custom design for those patients who just don’t have the downtime for surgical face lifting. It is also ideal for patients for whom surgical lifting is not a viable option because of medical considerations.

Silhouette Soft is the balance between filler volume to the cheek and lifting of the mid-face. There is now a more natural solution to mid-face sagging without overfilling cheeks, creating a more natural enhancement.

The fact that the Silhouette Soft application is biodegradable offers a greater deal of comfort to the cosmetic patient and is easily integrated with other applications.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi explains Silhouette Soft

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi explains Silhouette Soft has the opportunities to address mid-face uplifting along with other non-invasive therapies targeting additional areas of the face, also it could be combined with other advance non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as Sculptra and Dermal Fillers

Dr Ayoubi enthasise that dermal fillers and energy based technologies can be performed on different areas for a bespoke anti-aging treatment. Skin tightening is a natural complement to the results that Silhouette Soft can achieve.

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