Laser Thread Vein Removal

We pride ourselves in being one of the leading clinics in laser thread vein removal treatment in the UK and Europe.

What are Thread Veins?

Thread veins are common among a lot of people, but are especially more noticeable in people who have reached middle-age or older. It is important to understand that thread veins are not the same as varicose veins so treatments and other procedures do not apply to both conditions the same.

Thread veins are also known as spider veins to many. The thread veins are usually much smaller than varicose veins and tend to show up on the legs and the face. The thread veins are small and are usually red in colour; however, when they become larger they turn a purplish color. They tend to grow in a pattern or patches – which is why they also have the well-known name of spider veins.

What causes Thread Veins?

There are different causes for the appearance of thread veins and some of those include too much exposure to sun over the years, pregnancy, and inheritance and even from other skin conditions. As we grow older, our skin becomes thinner which is why thread veins are usually more visible in older persons. There are different treatments for thread veins and the type, place and severity of the condition will be of the determining factors for the procedure or treatment prescribed.

Normally, the tiny veins in the skin are invisible, but in some people they expand and show through the skin. Spider veins, or facial telangiectasias, affect as many as 80% of all women as they grow older, and also a large percentage of men.Yet feeling self-conscious or worrying about covering up those unsightly areas could now be a thing of the past.

Treatment for Thread Veins

These unsightly veins can all be treated successfully without the use of injections by our Cynosure Elite Laser treatment introduced into the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic by  Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi. Cynocure’s Elite laser is the most comprehensive laser system available today ,allowing us to treat a broad range of skin types including facial veins and leg thread veins. It can treat both red veins and blue veins , spider veins and other vascular lesions with excellent results.

The Cynosure Elite Laser has proven to be safe and effective on all skin types, without involving painful injections and  without bruising. Even more beneficial is that just one treatment is sufficient for smaller as well as larger blue leg veins. It is a relatively simple non surgical treatment which only takes 30-40 minutes depending on the area being treated.

The treatment is so effective that patients can return immediately to work or their daily activities, however, with the leg vein treatment we do recommend that you avoid vigorous activities such as strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours after the laser treatment.

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