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Neck Lift

Sometimes it is the eyes of the person which begin to show age first of all, the neck, however it is often the neck which is the second give away sign of a persons ageing.

Characterisitcs of the neck ageing include vertical banding, horizontal creases, fatty jowls, and the dreaded “turkey-wattle,”. This is in part by the related to the skin but more substantially related to loosening of the connections between platysma muscles and the deeper structures in the neck

The poor quality to the skin all work together to make us look much older before our time. A neck lift (or platysmaplasty, so named for the plastysma muscles which run along the front of the neck) and tightens the skin and the underlying muscles to lift the neck as well as improve and sharpen the contour of the jawline.

A well-defined jawline helps to frame the face. Unfortunately, a combination of ageing, sun damage, and personal characteristics such as bone structure, fatty tissue, and neck musculature can all create the effect of the face simply sinking into the neckline without a clear contour.

As we age the effects of skin sagging and sun damage are often more pronounced. Smoking is also negative contribution, which unfortunately combines with the sun damage to create a leathery appearance of the skin of the face and neck.

There is no doubt that most of us also suffer from a degree of fatty tissue accumulation under the chin and along the jawline, which decreases the visible boundary between her face and neck.

Why Choose the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic for Neck lift Surgery?

At the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, our patients enjoy the most advanced technique for Neck lift surgery London has to offer. We offer a fantastic treatment option for improving the appearance and age of the neck.

A Neck lift is a popular procedure that can make a significant difference to a person’s appearance, helping them to achieve the look they want, giving them more confidence with minimal risk and increasingly short downtime.

The Neck lift procedure is intended to provide a natural, attractive and more youthful appearance. This surgery can produce excellent results and the scars are usually inconspicuous. Recent technical advances have led to longer lasting improvement and an increase in patient satisfaction and the complications are very rare.

The operation consists of removing excess skin and fatty tissue and correcting the sagging of specific facial and neck muscles. Cosmetic surgeons have been performing this type of surgery for many years. Recent advances in surgical techniques have led to significantly improved and longer lasting results.

Many factors play a role in the aging of facial skin. These include the physical environment (sun, wind), the type of skin (elasticity, thickness), the complexion (pale, dark, ruddy), weight alterations, nutrition, smoking and menopause. There is no ideal age for this type of surgery. It must also be remembered that a neck lift cannot remove all wrinkles.

A Neck lift will not stop the aging process; it only removes some of its effects, producing a more youthful appearance. The procedure can sometimes be repeated if necessary in order to maintain the rejuvenated look.

The best candidates for a neck lift are non- smokers who are in generally good health. Those with sagging of the neck may be due to age but it can also be due to dramatic weight loss. Individuals with sagging or wrinkling to the neck and a loss of seperation between the neck and chin or jawline can have fantasic results from a neck lift.

Can you have a neck lift with the face lift at the same time?

A necklift is commonly performed at the same time as an face lift. Very occasionally a necklift is carried out as a sole procedure. A necklift can be performed under local anaesthetic and has a good recovery profile, although post-operative swelling may persist for a few weeks after the procedure.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi explains that Neck Lift is an operation that usually takes 2 hours to complete using a general anaesthetic and normally includes an overnight stay at the hospital. Full aftercare will be given pre and post procedure.

Dr Ayham Al -Ayoubi explains that you need to keep your feet grounded and be realistic when it comes to the expectation from a neck lift. Despite the many great things that the neck lift can accomplish, you must also keep in mind that the procedure has its limitations.

Most of the patients that go through a neck lift surgery are pleased with the outcome. They have greater self-confidence and greater self-esteem especially when wearing body-conscious clothing. You will have a totally natural look and you will look more refreshed and younger. All your expectations can be discussed in the consultation with Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi.

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