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We pride ourselves to be the very first clinic to introduce the revolutionary Cellulaze Laser into the UK and Europe by Mr Ayham Al-Ayoubi in 2011.

Cellulaze laser is the World’s first Aesthetic laser with a minimally invasive surgical approach to treat cellulite beneath the surface of the skin for long-term reduction of cellulite in both Men and Women.

An estimated 85 percent of women and 20 percent of men over the age of 20 are affected by cellulite, a degenerative and largely untreated condition in which dimply herniations and depressions develop within the layers of the skin.

Cellulaze is a breakthrough, revolutionary cosmetic, FDA-approved laser surgical procedure that wages a relentless war against cellulite and provides scientifically proven, enduring results.

The cutting-edge, minimally-invasive laser treatment stretches the skin’s natural thickness for a smoother, firmer, more youthful look.

Our clinic has pioneered this new exciting area of Laser cosmetic surgery in the UK and Worldwide.

Cellulaze – The first surgical laser to treat cellulite

Building on the success of its Smartlipo, Smartlipo MPX and Smartlipo Triplex technology for laser lipolysis, Cynosure have introduced the Cellulaze laser workstation, the world’s first minimally invasive surgical device designed to reduce cellulite by restoring the normal structure of the skin and underlying connective tissue.

Cellulaze distinguishes itself from other cellulite treatments, including liposuction, because rather than simply targeting the skin, it focuses on the structural causes of cellulite that lie well below the skin. Patients can see a remarkable difference in cellulite appearance after just one laser cellulaze procedure.

Cellulaze laser has received FDA approval in the USA (Food and Drug Administration) and CE Mark certification in Europe and research demonstrates long-term improvements in skin elasticity and skin thickness.

Cellulaze laser surgery

Cellulaze by Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi

The Cellulaze laser is designed to diminish lumpy pockets of fat, release areas of skin depression and increase elasticity and thickness of the skin. Patients usually require just one treatment.

Cellulaze laser technology, offering a light-based solution for the treatment of cellulite. The system has a solid state Nd: YAG emitting light in the 1440-nm wavelength.

Cellulaze laser proprietary SideLight 3D side-firing technology directs controlled, laser thermal energy to the treatment zones – typically the buttocks and thighs.

In the Cellulaze laser surgical procedure, which is performed under a local anaesthetic, IV sedation or light general anaesthesia, the surgeon inserts a small cannula – a narrow tube the size of a pen tip, under the skin.

The Cellulaze laser treatments have demonstrated a benefit from the use of subcutaneous laser energy in terms of tissue tightening through tissue coagulation as well as the regeneration of collagen and connective tissue.

Mr Ayham Al-Ayoubi explaining how the Cellulaze laser works step by step, read more.

Cellulaze laser safety

Cellulaze Laser is equipped with two important and unique features, the SmartSense and the ThermaGuide.


The SmartSense delivery system contains an advanced microchip called the Accelerometer, which is inserted into the intelligent handpiece. Based on the setting you choose (high, medium, or low) and the motion of the intelligent handpiece, the precise laser power is metered and delivered.
To read more about SmartSense, click here.


The ThermaGuide constantly measures the temperature under the skin and controls the output of energy, ensuring that the treatment area stays within a safe range so that it is hot enough to work efficiently, but not so hot as to cause the patient harm.

To read more about ThermaGuide, click here.

Cellulaze laser at our clinic

At our clinic, Cellulaze laser treatment is performed by Mr Ayham Al-Ayoubi, the UK’s leading Cellalaze and Smartlipo surgeon. Respected both nationally and internationally as a leading surgeon, lecturer and tutor, he is a pioneer of new techniques and surgical innovations.

By creating and applying his own advanced techniques in laser surgery, Mr Ayoubi has inspired plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors to follow his lead.

Through his commitment to innovation, medical excellence and the highest standards of patient care, Mr Ayham Al-Ayoubi has gained an unrivaled reputation with patients travelling from all over the world to have him perform Cellulaze laser body sculpting treatments.

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