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Calf Implants

The calves can be a difficult body part for both men and women to develop as calves often do not respond well to work-outs. Calves are also prone to being affected by deteriorating disorders.

Small calves can make wearing shorts or bathing suits a touchy and sometimes embarrassing subject. Many body builders have trouble developing calf muscles that are proportionate to the rest of their physique.

One solution is calf implants. Calf implants can be used to balance out the leg’s shape and give the legs a more appealing contour. Calf implants can also be used to bring back a normal appearance to victims of deteriorating diseases and injury.

Calf implants are solid rubbery silicone shapes that are placed in pockets overlying the patient’s own calf muscles. Calf implants come in a variety of sizes so that an implant can be chosen that best compliments the shape of the leg. The calf implant is placed via a small incision in the back of the knee. Usually, two implants are placed in each leg over the heads of the gastrocnemius muscle.

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