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We are proud to introduce at our clinic the very first non-surgical HydraFacial MD in the UK. This treatment is an invigorating, multi-step treatment, which supports a patented, award winning technology in skin rejuvenation. The skin benefits in multiple ways as a result of receiving HydraFacial MD, as the treatment combines a chemical peel, advanced hydra dermabrasion and a painless, automated skin extraction. Treatment is finished with an infusion of hydration and peptides. Re-hydration of the skin is essential as it is the basis of radiant and healthy skin.

As the treatment technology is so advanced, it can target pigment concerns, acne as well as fine lines and wrinkles. HydraFacial MD is able to exfoliate, cleanse and extract the skin’s cells, which offers a long-term improvement in skin’s health and appearance. Patients are able to see instant, noticeable results and the treatment requires no downtime as skin irritation is prevented. Each treatment plan is devised with individual patient needs in mind and results can last 2-3 years.

HydraFacial MD Use

Skin is restored and rejuvenated, providing an instant improvement in skin texture. Which makes HydraFacial; is appealing to all complexions and ages. Which makes Hydrafacial beneficial for all patients.

HydraFacial creates an instant radiant and bright complexion. The treatment is not only suitable for all, but can also target specific skin concerns.

HydraFacial Treatment can be used to treat the following:

  • Fine lines
  • Blemishes
  • Dehydrated and dull skin
  • Congested skin
  • Acne
  • Sun Damage
  • Loss of skin resilience and clarity
  • Loss of skin firmness

HydraFacial is carried out in various steps to create optimum results. This specific sequence enables an instantly more radiant and brightened complexion. The benefits to skin texture help to improve the elasticity and smoothness of skin by combining the following steps:

  • Skin Detoxification–advanced lymphatic draining technique is implemented, which aids in increasing blood the circulation within the skin’s dermis and also eradicates toxins.
  • Cleanse and Exfoliation – the skin’s impurities and dead cells are lifted gently, which allows ultimate deep-cleansing.
  • Application of brightening agent –a salicylic and glycolic solution which is gentle is then applied to help loosen debris from the skin’s pores, giving a dewy and bright appearance to the skin.
  • Extraction Process–skin’s impurities and blackheads are removed from the congested skin by using salicylic acid.
  • Hydration of the Skin – a combination of peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are then used to re-hydrate and replenish the skin, giving the skin a plumped and volumized appearance.
  • Rejuvenation – Finally an LED light is used to create Sculptra. Skin is left looking brighter, glowing as a result of decreased redness.

Hyaluronic Acid & Antioxidants

Hyaluronic acid is one of the skin’s naturally produced products, which is found in the connective tissues and skin of the human body.

Hyaluronic acid lubricates and enriches skin quality, in addition to repairing the damaged skin. Increased volumisation and moisturization is created as hyaluronic acid is applied to the skin’s surface, creating a youthful and smooth texture. Hyaluronic acid incorporated into a HydraFacial Resurfacing treatment increases the level of retinoic acid, which contributes to skin hydration and also promotes the growth of keratinocytes, which improve skin texture.

Skin infusion through the application of powerful antioxidants during HydraFacial treatment will destroy free radicals through neutralization. Antioxidant infusion also provides a layer of protection for the skin, in addition to helping to improve the functioning of cells. This aids in replenishment of skin cells and ultimately creates a youthful and healthy glow to the skin.

HydraFacial Suitability

What makes HydraFacial treatment so unique and diverse is its compatibility with any skin type. This treatment system is also entirely safe for people with darker skin complexions, unlike some other treatments which can cause unwanted changes in pigmentation.

Anyone can effective receive HydraFacial treatment, including if a patient struggles with any of the following issues:

  • Acne / oily skin
  • Discoloration of skin, unevenness in skin tone or brown spots
  • Enlarged pores
  • Lack of skin firmness and elasticity
  • Rough, dry or bumpy skin texture
  • Wrinkles or fine lines on the face

HydraFacial MD Treatment

A four steps procedure is involved in the HydraFacial Core Treatment, which takes approximately 30 minutes. The short duration of the process means that the treatment is ideal for those with a hectic lifestyle. Treatment is individualised, which means patients can focus on targeting their specific areas of concern. These can include revitalization and refreshing of the skin to eliminate acne, age lines, blotchiness and excessive oiliness. The HydraFacial Core Treatment removes dead cells, extracts all debris from the skins pores and detoxifies, which forms a long lasting, hydrated appearance. Essential nutrients are also applied to the skin which supports protection of skin and promotes rebuilding of the skin’s collagen.

Step 1: Exfoliation of the skin

Deep and thorough exfoliation of the skin is one of the many advantageous effects of the HydraFacial treatment. A specialized Activ-4 serum is applied to the skin, which enables the HydraFacial to scrub away dead skin cells and debris which is clogging up the skin’s pores, allowing skin to breathe and reach optimum health. Glycolic and lactic acids are included in the exfoliation serum. These agents are combined with both natural yeast and algae, which help to exfoliate deeply and help in to removal of deeply embedded dead cells. Their natural properties equally work in simultaneously soothing and calming the new skin cells below.

Step 2: Peel

The next step effects of the HydraFacial treatment involve the Vortex-Peel, which combines glycolic and salicylic acids. This offers additional exfoliation benefits, just like other peel procedures, but does not leave your skin unsightly or inflamed, meaning that patients can return immediately to their daily routine.

Step 3: Extraction

Following this, dirt and oils from clogged pores are removed through the Vortex-Extraction stage of the treatment.  A suction technique is then applied, which does not cause the patient any discomfort. The specialised extraction serum which is applied uses salicylic acid to provide anti-bacterial properties, an extract from a flower called spirea ulmeria to relieve the skin and honey extract to help hydrate and cleanse the skin.

Step 4: Protecting and Tightening

The Vortex-Fusion step which follows aims to protect and nourish the skin. The skin is treated to a wonderful combination Arnica and green tea, which are both renowned for their soothing and calming properties. Earth mineral peptides are then applied, in addition to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the biological makeup which is used widely in cosmetic products as it is designed to plump and hydrate skin that has succumb to the inevitable ageing process, such as through visible wrinkles and sagging. Discoloration and spot visibility are reduced through Vortex-Fusion application. It also helps in promoting skin tightness.

HydraFacial Results

Real results without any downtime or irritation can be achieved during the treatment, as all dead skin cells and impurities are removed, leaving the skin feeling and looking hydrated. This is achieved through the delivery of antioxidants and peptides to the skin’s surface. HydraFacial treats hyper-pigmentation, acne and ageing skin, as it delivers powerful antioxidants to counteract damage by pollution and free radicals associated with an urban lifestyle. Unlike other skin treatments, such as aggressive peels, HydraFacial can be carried our as frequently as on a weekly or monthly basis, in order to achieve long lasting and quick result.

Skin is left looking renewed and lush as soon as the treatment is completed. HydraFacial treatments are soothing, non-irritating and refreshing, as well as offering immediate effectiveness. Patients report that after just one treatment of HydraFacial the skin instantly appears and feels great.

Following the procedure, patients are free to apply makeup and go about their day as usual. In rare cases the skin may remain very slightly red or pink, such symptoms should vanish rapidly.

At the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic we offer a range of Daily Essentials products, which consist of the same ingredients used in the in-clinic HydraFacial treatment. This enables patients to keep up with all the necessary maintenance to invigorate and help to protect their skin at home. This also helps to maintain the healthy-looking and vibrant appearance achieved following treatment.

After just one treatment of HydraFacial, the results are immediate and visible after just one single treatment. This allows for an improved, smooth and hydrated state of the skin to be achieved, which should last between 5 to 7 days. Many patients choose to return for multiple treatments of the HydraFacial system, as this can create and maintain the best possible appearance and health for their skin, which is longest-lasting.

HydraFacial Safety

The 4-step HydraFacial protocol has been developed to promote safety and effectiveness for all skin types. The treatment can be further tailored with optional steps to treat each individual patient’s concerns, enabling optimal long-term benefits. Although some patients can experience slight redness or for around an hour or so following the treatment, the possible risks or side effects of HydraFacial are very minimal and it is suitable for skin of all types.

Returning to normal activities immediately after the treatment is possible for patients who have HydraFacial Treatment, as there is no necessary downtime or recovery period associated with the treatment. The HydraFacial causes no discomfort, yet it is a powerful non-invasive treatment with minimal possible side-effects.

HydraFacial MD at our Clinic

Although HydraFacial MD has been designed to target all of the facial needs of an individual patient at once, there are optional steps that a patient may choose to add on, so that they may customize treatment of specific concerns for maximum results.

At the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, we combine HydraFacial treatment with other advanced aesthetic treatments, such as Crystal-free diamond microdermabrasion, to offer the ultimate soothing facial treatment.  The diamond tip device used in Cystal-free diamond microdermabrasion is able to gently smooth away the dull and dry outer layers of the skin. This results in a revealing of healthy, rejuvenated skin underneath.

An addition step to the HydraFacial treatment can be introduced through the introduction of The Vortex-Boost serum. This serum is made up of a specific type of hyaluronic acid, which enables deep hydration of the skin, in addition to the application of vitamins A and E, lactic acid, and extracts from white tea, horse chestnut, and rosemary.  These components promote the absorption of antioxidants and therefore improves the skin’s overall health. This additional measure is ideal for patients who suffer from a dull skin quality, are prone to sensitive skin on their faces, have visible signs of ageing skin or who simply are unhappy with lines or creases on their face.

Photo facial treatments can be performed as an additional companion procedure, if patients are concerned about discolouration on their face. Photo facial treatments incorporate light application to improve flaws visible in the skin. Photo facial treatments are also sometimes called colour light therapy. The procedure employs exposure to specific light wavelengths to get rid of or decrease skin discoloration. The treatment can also help to increase the stimulation of collagen production in the face, which tends to slow over time and sagging of the skin, leading to fine lines and wrinkles.

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