Founder of Smartlipo, Cellulaze and Sculptra in The UK

25 October 2020
For those of us who insist on seeing the glass half full, even when the depressed brigade point out that it’s also half empty, COVID-19 poses certain challenges.
Covid Face Sculptra
7 October 2020
It is normal for our skin to look wrecked Post-lockdown, and after six months of ongoing stress, tension, bad eating and a lot of drinking.
6 October 2020
As we have all just been made painfully aware during this coronavirus pandemic, of the fundamental importance of seeing the face of the person in front of us.
13 August 2019
Smartlipo Triplex HD has taken the laser body contouring treatment to the next level.
30 September 2018
Smartlipo has increased in popularity due to its relatively quick treatment time and a speedy recovery process.
26 June 2018
Battling stubborn areas of fat that just won’t budge.
13 June 2018
Now there is an even better version of laser lipo, The Smartlipo Triplex -laser assisted liposuction.
29 May 2018
Dr Ayoubi explains Blepharoplasty.
27 May 2018
Dr Ayoubi pioneered the very first "Aptos Threads" from Russia to "Silhouette Soft threads" from USA to the UK.
23 May 2018
Collagen Stimulation is entirely different to dermal fillers. It is a long lasting collagen stimulator called poly L-lactic acid ..