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It’s important to acknowledge that the Barbie doll, with its historically unrealistic proportions, has been criticized for promoting a harmful beauty ideal. The emphasis on an extremely slender and unattainable body type can contribute to body image issues and even eating disorders, especially among young individuals who may look up to Barbie as a role… Read more… Barbie’s Made a Comeback— But Barbie Plastic Surgery Shouldn’t !

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“I met Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi at his Harley Street clinic. I had broken up from my husband and lost a lot of weight, which made my face look gaunt and thin. I have the Collagen Stimulation which was pain free with great results…”

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Side effects and complications do happen in medicine; however, it is the duty of the doctor to minimise the possible side effects and complications even so they cannot be eliminated and aesthetic medicine is no exception to that. Dr Ayoubi’s motto “The better we look the better we feel” and as long as most of… Read more… A glimpse of history of medical complications in Aesthetic Medicine!

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Kim Kardashian West is the world’s most recognisable woman, nevertheless, her exceptional figure has always been a controversy, specifically when we refer her to buttock’s shape, and it is very popular amongst some women to have an overly defined buttock. Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi: BBL used to be one of the popular treatments not long ago,… Read more… Kim Kardashian is the world’s most recognisable woman

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As we continue to go through the lockdown, most of us feel a bit down. Nevertheless, the fact that “the better we look the better we feel” remains as true as ever, therefore the demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments continues to be overwhelming. According to a survey, a third of UK adults have felt some… Read more… A new year a new revolutionary treatment – Lanluma

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In regular times, our persistent optimism wins us friends and provides us with a lot of benefits, including greater levels of wellbeing, solid resilience and better health. Now, things are very different. During a pandemic, we need to act as though it’s likely we will get COVID-19 in order to keep ourselves safe and avoid… Read more… Why too much optimism can be dangerous during this pandemic

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It is normal for our skin to look wrecked Post-lockdown, and after six months of ongoing stress, tension, bad eating and a lot of drinking, many of us feel as though we are looking in fairground mirrors and we look somewhat like an exhumed medieval ancestor. As we start to catch up with friends, trying… Read more… ‘Covid Face’ – How we aged six years in six months

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This is based on the fact that, when we meet someone new it takes something like 7 seconds to determine if we like them or not, and that’s not from their feet or hands. Everything is about the face, so when we look at portraits in museums…what remains is access through facial expressions. The German… Read more… “Everything is about the face.”

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