The Laser Fixer For Cellulite

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What is it?
A treatment for legs, bums and tums, the LBD Fix uses a combination of light energy and infra-red light. A handheld massage gadget heats the skin to shrink fat cells and increase oxygen production. It also tightens and tones, banishing lumps and bumps and helping to alleviate the appearance of cellulite.

Skin feels tighter and smoother very quickly, and it’s non invasive so there are no needles or scarring. At least three 20-minute sessions are recommended with a week-long gap between each, so it’s not instant. You must maintain the effects with a healthy diet and exercise.

Around £150 per area per session.

Where can I get it?
The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, London.

Reader Verdict:
“After three sessions, my fat and cellulite began to disappear, but I think you’d need a few more sessions to notice a huge change.”

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The LBD Fixer for cellulte and stretch marks

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