My Spots Nearly Cost Me My Career

Michelle, 33, a Job Centre manager from London, suffered from adult acne throughout her twenties.

"Bad skin has affected my confidence, my love life and even my career. I developed acne when I was about 15 and it didn't go away. Spots covered my cheeks, forehead, chin, back and chest all the time but got even worse when I was pre-menstrual.

I tried everything to get rid of them. I used tea tree oil, Sudocrem and all sorts of over-the-counter treatments. In the end, I went to my GP, but nothing helped. I'd cover my spots with layers of concealer but using so much make-up clogged up my pores and made the acne worse.

My friends were supporive but the didn't understand what an issue it was. I felt so alone and I was really shy around boys. I picked my spots - there was no way I could go out with yellow pus on my face, it was disgusting! So I'd dig my nails in and try to squeeze the pus out. But it just made the spots get red, sore and infected.

When I started work at the Job Centre, I was so worried about people staring at me that I refused to work on reception.
I think this affected me getting a promotion.

Then I turned 30 and they disappeared, but all the picking left me with horrible acne scarring. Last June, I tried Collagen Stimulation treatments by Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi to get rid of them. Cream numbs your face then collagen is injected into the scars. It's pain-free and has really helped. Now I'm so much happier and more confident, and I've finally been promoted to manager!"

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