Sam Lewis tries out Sculptra

The problem

At 40 years old, excessive exercise has kept my body fairly fit but my face is fading fast. My once plump cheeks are like deflated balloons and I want to turn back the clock a few years or two without going under the knife.

The Collagen Stimulation treatment

The room is clinical without even a whiff of a scented candle. I sit in a dentist-style chair under the glare of a spotlight while cold topical anaesthetic cream is smothered on my face. I’ve got 10 minutes to wait for to numb my senses- time to contemplate leaving- but I remain put, least I be branded a coward. As the cream is wiped off, I close my eyes and flinch in anticipation.

Jab goes the first needle, then the next, and the next. Each time the needle pierces my skin, a small amount of liquid (Collagen Stimulation powder mixed with sterile water) is injected before an ice pack is quickly applied.

To be honest, the pain isn’t that bad and I’ve endured worse at the dentist under of an overenthusiastic hygienist, but this is my face and I’m a little nervous.

The surgeon Mr Ayham Al-Ayoubi is deft and agile, however. The 12 or so injections- I’m holding my breath and not keeping count- take less that 10 minutes and is followed by a deep massage- not exactly a relaxing facial, but now that the needles are gone, I’m overjoyed.

The outcome of Collagen Stimulation

The surgeon Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi offers me the mirror and tentatively I take it. Frankly I’m amazed at my rosy, plumped-up cheeks, even if they are speckled with small pin pricks and the odd smear of blood.

The next morning small bruises have developed, but I vigorously massage my face for five minutes as instructed, and do so for the next five days, morning and night. After several days, the water disperses and my plumped-up cheeks seemingly revert to normal.

So what’s the point? The Collagen Stimulation powder, a collagen stimulator rather than filler, remains in place, working its magic gradually and causing only subtle improvement over time. This is treatment slightly more relaxed and, after three, I’m done, properly plumped for the next three years. I haven’t got a pillow face and I like the fact that there isn’t an instant transformation: no-one knows my secret, except you!

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