Smartlipo, The Best For My Body

Just three weeks after losing 8lbs on a Closer shape-up plan, Cara Kilby had laser liposuction. Here, she reveals why…

She has a stunning size 10 figure that is the envy of countless TOWIE fans, but Cara Kilby says she’ll never be happy with her body – even after having laser liposuction on her stomach and inner thigh.

The reality star recently told us how she’d dropped from 10st 10lbs and a size 12 to 10st 2lbs and a size 10 in a month by following diet book feed your face by Jessica Wu as part of a Closer shape-up plan.

But last week – just three weeks after completing the body blitz – Cara was seen in an episode of TOWIE showing pals a support bandage she was wearing after having liposuction.

Cara, who’s 5ft 9, told Lauren Goodger, Frankie Essex and Billi Mucklow: ‘’I have to sleep in this for 10 days. It’s so bad. It goes all the way to my knees and has a hole in case I need a wee. I’m so glad I had it done. They took out a litre of fat. It was disgusting.’’

Cara says she resorted to liposuction after struggling to keep up her new healthier lifestyle. The reality star, 23, tells closer: ‘’I looked at pictures of myself in Marbella the week after I did my diet and hated them.’’

Cara had Cynosure’s Smart-lipo MPX treatment, performed by Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi at London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic. The treatment involves having a laser fibre-optic inserted into the body. It destroys fat cells and turns them into liquid – which is then sucked out.

Cara admits: ‘’I only see faults in my body and many of my friends have told me I have body dysmorphia. Although the diet and exercise plan had worked, I struggled to stick to it when we started filming TOWIE again. I was snacking on crisps and chocolate constantly.

"I wanted to get rid of the fat pockets in my inner thighs and my love handles, so I went to have lipo. I won’t necessarily lose weight from the op, but I will lose inches from my figure.’’

Cara says she’d even like to increase her breast implants from a 32D-cup to an E-cup next. She reveals: ‘’I’m always looking for the next thing to have done, but I don’t think I’m as bad as my co-star Chloe Sims, who’s had bum implants!

"I'd love to have my boobs made bigger by a cup size so the rest of my body looks smaller. There’s nothing with having curves, but I want a toned body to go with them. I love celebs like Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian, who aren’t stick insects. I never want to be a size zero.’’

Cara is now almost fully recovered from the procedure and says she intends to work out three times a week to stick to the Cambridge Diet – which involves eating soups, bars and shakes – to keep in shape before filming the TOWIE Marbella special next month. She says ‘’I’m still swollen from the lipo but, when I can, I’ll be doing some hard core gym sessions so I look my best for the summer.’’

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