Why she chose Dr Ayoubi !

Towie’s Cara Kilbey explains her smartlipo surgery and why she chose Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi

“We used the same plastic surgeon”.

“I can’t pull that face”’, shouts TOWIE’s Billi Mucklow to the Heat photographer as he tries to direct them. “I’ve had too much Botox”!

She and best mate mate/co-star Cara Kilbey fall about laughing, in fact they spend the whole day falling about laughing whether it’s about spraying cold water on each other, the fact that Cara looks like she has poo on her face, or a story about Billi avoiding the pap’s while on holiday in Marbella, Everything makes them laugh.

Not nearly as daft as they seem in Towie, Billi and Cara- both 24 have the longest ad strongest relationship in the show. They’re like a double act and they have each other’s back- everyone knows that if they take on one of them, they’ll have to contend with both.

As the girls settle down for their grilling-all streaky fake tans and sparkly toenails- they can’t contain their excitement about being interviewed for heat.

“If you told me a year ago I’d be sitting here answering stuff for heat starts Billi. This is followed by a little fake excited scream. Weird thing is, her face doesn’t move much when she does it….

So how do you two know each other?

Billi: Me and Cara have known each other since school. I was the loudest out of all my friends, and Cara was the loudest out of hers. When we met, it was either clash or click, we clicked straight away.

Do you have rows?

B: You know what. Wed don’t even argue.

Cara: We can go on holiday and spend every single minute of every day together and never argue

B: there might be a tussie over lip-gloss, but we have never fallen out.

Cara, Billi went out with your brother Tom- that must have been weird for you...

C: It was a little bit weird, but in my head I knew it was never going to be anything serious.

B: When me and Tom were seeing each other. He’d be like, “oh, I can’t, me and Cara have got plans tonight2. It wasn’t going anywhere and just fizzled out.

You’re a yoga teacher, aren’t you Billi?

Yeah, I teach Bikram. I went to LA for three months to do my training and graduated a year ago and I am now opening up a studio in Essex.

How do you perform the upward facing dog pose with such big boobs?

B: They just squash

They’re not all your own work though, are they?

B: No I just bought them from a shop.

C: And me!

B: I was 19. We went to the same surgeon. I went first.

C: I’d broken up with my boyfriend. I’d always had small boobs and I thought, “I’m just going to do it”.

So the next week, to piss him off, I just went and got new boobs.

What else have you had done?

B: We’ve both had Botox. I’ve had it since I was 22.

C: I’m doing it tomorrow.

B: They say the younger you are when you have Botox, the better it takes. My mum and dad are not against it at all. When I was 19 and had my boobs done, I took my dad. I was like “look! I need some!”

C: My dad has never spoken about it

B: I needed my dad to pay so I had to get him on side.

Is that hair all yours?

B: No!! I don’t know whose it is, but it’s mine now. I’ve got extensions.

C: So have I.

So, extensions, boobs, Botox….Lips?

B: I had filler in my lips, but not a lot, it wears off.

C: I’ve recently had Smartlipo MPX on my inner thighs and stomach.

B: She went out the next night

C: I’m not very good at sticking to rules.

B; They made her wear these surgical knickers; you’ve never seen anything like it.

C: They go right down to your knees.

B: And they was crotch less!

C: That was the best bit, having crotch less knickers on.

B: But that’s all. What else is there? I love new treatments though. I’m going for a consultation for the laser lipo. Cara’s like the guinea pig- I got her to try it out first. But laser lipo isn’t that extreme. When we’re old we’ll have boobs up to here and no wrinkles.

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