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We headed to The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic to trial a serious cellulite shifter that is proven to oust the orange peel effect by tightening and toning your tush

Other than cellulite creams, of which we spend a whopping £56 million on a year according to research, there’s not a lot we can do to blitz those dimples on our derrieres, right? Wrong. If you’re serious about transforming your tush and have the cash to splash at it, we’ve found a treatment that delivers results.

Cellulite is one of those pesky problems that are near impossible to avoid – it’s thought that over 80% of women aged over 20 have it regardless of weight or size. It is graded by visibility, grade one being invisible and grade four being clearly visible when standing and lying down.

 In my consultation at The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic the doctor told me I had grade two on my bum (it wasn’t visible when standing but you could see an orange peel effect when clenched or pinched) and none, yet, on my legs and stomach – also common areas to find cellulite.

 Whilst mine wasn’t at all severe, my behind has always been one of those cover-up areas and with my girlie holiday looming any help to boost bikini confidence was welcome.

 I have used tush toning creams daily for years and certainly believe in their benefits. Whilst they help promote the surface – tightening the skin, increasing lymphatic drainage, they can’t realistically break down deeper fatty deposits which cause the orange peel effect in the first place. However the daily massage application, I believe, helps and I continued to use them in conjunction with this treatment.

 The clinic I visited uses Velashape which is essentially a machine emitting radiofrequency or light energy to heat the skin and increase oxygen diffusion in cells.

 Whilst you’re lying on your front the doctor massages the hoover-like device over your behind which works to flatten out the fatty deposits, shrinking the cells by increasing the metabolism of stored energy to leave a smoother area for the surface.

 Although the treatment’s non-invasive it’s definitely not the most comfortable experience. I had four 15 minute sessions, roughly a week apart, and during each treatment I cursed myself for forgetting to take some pain killers beforehand. The suction is powerful and sometimes pinches, subsequently I had slight bruising after one session and was advised to take Arnica to help rid it quickly. Neither the pain or the bruising were enough to put me off though – the treatments were quick and, I came to realise, totally worthy of the ‘no pain, no gain’ tag.

 Whilst I needed more treatments than initially advised (after the third I was told a forth would make it ‘perfect’ and that I should come back in six months for ‘maintenance’), the results were noticeable. My now ‘grade one’ bum felt smoother, less bumpy and lifted and I was totally comfortable bearing my perkier posterior in a bikini – a first for me.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is really serious about ousting the orange peel but remember it doesn’t come without a price and some pain.

“I would definitely recommend the Velashape at London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic to anyone who is really serious about cellulite treatment.”



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