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Fake it on the chin: Lunchtime liposuction for your jawline has never been trendier. But does it work?

The only problem most of us face with our chins is the occasional hormonal spot, or – whisper it – the odd pesky whisker. Nothing a dab of tea tree oil, a pair of tweezers and a magnifying mirror can’t solve.

But what about the double chin? When no amount of cream, facial exercises or dieting helps, cosmetic surgeons come to the rescue.

For a decade, whenever property consultant Jamela Ahmed, 30, caught sight of her reflection she saw only one thing: her double chin.

‘Once you notice something like a double chin, it becomes the bane of your life,’ says Jamela, who lives in London with her husband and two children.

‘I was 20 when I became aware of it. They run in the family. My mother and grandmother have them, too. ‘Nobody else commented on it but, gradually, my double chin depleted my confidence and made me feel and look older.’ Jamela spent a decade trying everything to make her double chin disappear.

‘I massaged it, did facial exercises, used firming lotions and even dieted,’ she recalls. ‘But nothing made any difference.

‘Then I read a newspaper article last summer about a laser-assisted liposuction procedure called Smartlipo, for double chins.

‘Even though I’d been having Anti-Wrinkle Injections and fillers in my face, surgery frightened me. But I began researching the procedure.’

Jamela’s saving grace came in the form of Dr Ayham Ayoubi, a cosmetic and plastic surgeon at the London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic (LMA), who pioneered the treatment in the UK. In October she had a consultation at his Harley Street clinic.

‘The process uses technology designed to reduce fat and tighten the skin in delicate areas like the chin because it is non-aggressive unlike traditional methods of liposuction,’ says Dr Ayoubi.

‘Smartlipo can be used nearly anywhere – face, Jamela before, left, and after neck, chin, arms, hips and lovehandles, and the chest on men.’

Jamela returned to the clinic in November for the procedure. ‘The only uncomfortable bit was when Dr Ayoubi injected the anaesthetic,’ she says.

Amazingly, half an hour later the doctor announced he had removed 100 ml of fat. There was no bruising or stitches, just a little discomfort.

‘Although I felt well enough to go to work, the logical thing was to go home. ‘Initially, I couldn’t see much difference but, a week later, my chin had tightened significantly.

After a month, it was gone. I was over the moon. I didn’t tell anyone about the liposuction until after I’d had it done.

I approached it as a beauty treatment rather than surgery, even though £2,000 isn’t what you’d pay in your average salon!’

Eight months on, Jamela says she’s the most confident she’s ever been, and even wears tops with low-cut necklines and jewellery that draws attention to her neck area.

‘Would I consider other surgery? Oh, yes!’ she exclaims. 

“Jamela says she is the most confident she has ever been, and even wears tops with low-cut necklines.
Thanks to Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi who pioneered the Smartlipo treatment in the UK.”

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