The £50K Woman, done it all!

Elle / Avril Mairs 

I’m the sensible sort. I wear sunscreen. I vote. I care about the state of the nation and about what those five-inch Louboutins might do to my feet. But I still dream that one day I might look like Lara Stone (from the neck down only; I was never meant to be blonde). We all need to enter the world of beauty with sense of perspective. Booking any treatment while thinking – or even hoping – you will turn into someone elsse, someone younger prettier, will only lead to disappointment, then possibly to kind of obsession that ends up turning you into Heidi Montag. You can only ever make the best of what you’ve got.

Having said that, after two years as ELLE’s Beauty Extremist – that’s two years exploring the frontiers of science and vanity testing more treatments than any other editor – I know what will work. More importantly, I also know what’s a total waste of money is. I’ve tried countless things in order to find out, from the weird to the wonderful, via the undignified and excruciating, from the truly life-changing to those that defy both common sense and medical credibility. I’ve tried Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers, Collagen Stimulation, Mesotherapy, platelet-replacement therapy, intense …

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi


Dermal Fillers VITAL and Collagen Stimulation, all With Dr Ayham AL-Ayoubi at London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic

Sculptra has also firmed and plumped my skin in a way that’s much more natural – looking than most injectable fillers.