The Effective treatments for cellulite

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The Success of the Velashape machine on  the treatment of Cellulite

Approximately 90% of British women suffer from cellulite, with the effects worsening as we age-boo. While it's quite  easy to get it, its pretty hard to shift and there are not many creams that are up to the job. If you're serious about shifting the dreaded orange peel, look to salon based processes  that will get deep down to the sub layers of skin and fat.

The SmoothShapes XV system is a non-surgical cellulite treatment to give you dimple free legs and bum. Using a patented process known as  Photomology, it combines laser and light energy with mechanical manipulation (vacuum and massage) to produce tighter, smoother looking skin.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi: The laser wavelengths encourage unwanted waste out of the fat cells, while contoured rollers and gentle vacuum suction work to rid the rubbish lymphatically. If its saddlebags giving you grief, try VelaShape 2, a safe comfortable and effective treatment with zero down time. The new generation treatment is able to treat the deeper tissue, offering a measurable reduction in fat layers and inch loss on the upper layers of skin, which result in cellulite reduction.

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