Surgery helped heal my broken heart

Charlotte Marshall, 29, from Lincolnshire

When I met Hugo at the gym, I couldn’t believe he’d even look at me. He was gorgeous and I was, well, just me. But we fell in love and four months later we married. We were so happy, but after a few years things went wrong. I worked for an airline and was often away flying. And after a while I noticed that Hugo was out a lot and could never explain where he’d been. He denied an affair, but as time passed the trust between us dwindled. So I left – even though it broke my heart.

A counsellor helped me realise the break-up wasn’t my fault, but I still needed a confidence boost. So I had a boob job. I flew to Brazil for it, where at £3,000 it was cheaper than in the UK. I went from a B cup to a DD. But it left my skin scarred and painful, so I had laser surgery in London to correct it. Once I had my dream boobs, my confidence soared. I’ve since been back to the London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic  to have Anti-Wrinkle Injections, face Ellanse Dermal fillers and lip plumpers. I’ve spent about £5,000, but it’s worth it. Maybe I was mending a broken heart but it’s made me feel good and it’s all thanks to Hugo!

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