I Got My J.Lo Bum Back!

COMPANY Magazine

Lisa Turner, 34, an advertising account manager from Windsor, had Macrolane injected into her bum this year...

"I'd always loved my bottom because it was voluptuous like J.Lo's. But, after I had a baby and lost two stone, it lost all its volume.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi at the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, informed me out about a filler called Macrolane, which could give me a fuller bum. It didn't look too invasive so I had the procedure the following week. I took an old picture of me in a bikini and said, "I want to look like that!"

Twenty minutes later, after the injections, I walked out with a new bottom, I couldn't feel a thing because of the local anaesthetic.

Afterwards, my bottom felt tender but, two days later, I flew to Las Vegas and was by the pool in a bikini. I didn't have any bruising, and there were no scars as the needle went into the crease under each cheek.

Macrolane: I couldn't feel happier with the results. The top of my bottom feels bouncy and squishy, while the sides are firmer and more toned. It lasts for up to two years and, when it starts to fade, I'll be back for more."

To view Dr Ayoubi in the Media click here.

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