Jennifer Aniston stops having plastic surgery

Expert worry the star could be on the brink of ruining her natural beauty wit one treatment too many

She’s one of Hollywood’s most stunning actresses, but Jennifer Aniston has been told she risks throwing it all away by having more plastic surgery. The actress, 41, has admitted to a nose job, but it’s rumoured she’s had not one, but three boob jobs, and she is now considering having a face-lift, brow lift and further breast augmentation to shape up to nude scenes in her raunchy new movie Wonderlust.

Tellingly, Jennifer revealed earlier this year: “Those lines are getting deeper every day!”

According to her close pals, the strain of working in an industry obsessed by youth and looks is taking its toll. They fear Jen may risk her girl-next-door good looks in the quest to keep up with her younger actress rivals.

“Jen has been complaining about having a wrinkled cleavage from sunbathing,” an old friend tells Look.” So she wanted her breasts enlarged by one size to make them look firmer on camera, but we told her that they looked amazing already.

“Then again, she’d only ever consider very natural-looking work, as she is one of the most naturally beautiful stars in Hollywood.

“Jen first discussed having a boob job shortly after she landed the part of Rachel in Friends in 1994. At the time, she was really worried about her looks and lost 20lb, which left her flat-chested.

“Then, after she split from Brad Pitt in 2005 and Vince Vaughn, we believe Jen was left feeling insecure about her looks and we heard she went to see Hollywood surgeon Dr Raj Kanodia to talk about the possibility of having something else done. “

According to Look’s plastic surgery expert, Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi, medical director of the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, these conversations may have borne fruit, too.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi: “In my opinion she looks like she’s had a

 breast augmentation,” “If you look closely at the inner cleavage, that side of her breast looks more prominent and defined than it was. The distance between her nipples and the centre of the inner cleavage also seems much bigger.”

The star has also admitted trying Botox, but claims she used it once and didn’t like it.

Despite this, it’s rumoured that Jen has regular courses of “Botox light”, which involves having small doses of Botox injected every two months, so she gets the benefits of wrinkle-free skin, but can still move her face.

At the same time, a close friend of Jennifer’s- who has known her for over 15 years- confesses that she’s no stranger to other non-surgical cosmetic trends doing the rounds in LA either, saying: “She gets facial peels before she has a red-carpet event.”

After analysing Jennifer’s face, Dr Al-Ayoubi agrees: “I think she may have had skin laser resurfacing, which is very popular in the US, as the latest generation of Performa lasers are gentle and allow you to function the next day. Previously, you were out of action for at least four days- often longer.

“This laser improves the skin by stimulating the patient’s own collagen. It looks like she’s had this done under her eyes because it’s brighter there, which you can’t do with make-up.”

Dr Al-Ayoubi also thinks Jen may have had a face-filling injection known as a Sculptra, which smoothes deep lines and restores facial volume.

“When she smiles, she still has large, defined cheekbones,” he adds. “Plus, it looks like she has had some Botox in her forehead as she literally has zero lines above her eyes when she smiles.

“I believe she has had something done to her upper lip, too, because there is a line of definition that stops halfway through the upper lip, and then starts again. That suggests she’s most likely had some gentle fillers applied to the edge of her lip.”

Just like Jennifer’s friends, Dr Al-Ayoubi believes Jennifer has now reached the position where she needs to stop before it’s too late.

“She is at a turning point where any more treatment will ruin her natural beauty,” adds Dr Al-Ayoubi.”She looks beautiful at the moment. But id she has more work, the public will start to notice.”

The question is whether Jen can fight Hollywood’s peer pressure and obsession with youth for the rest of her life.

“It’s very hard to find anyone in Hollywood who doesn’t have some form of plastic surgery these days “adds Jen’s pal. “They all have over-tight foreheads and big puffy cheeks. Instead of looking younger, they just look like they’ve had too much plastic surgery. It would be terrible to see Jen do the same, as she looks fantastic and everyone marvels at how she looks better now than she did 10 years ago. I think ultimately, she realises it’s better to look as natural as she can, even if that means embracing the odd wrinkle here and there.”

We just hope it stays that way.

We love the way you look, Jen!

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