The Pillow Face - No Filler

Grazia / By Leah Hardy

'Pillow face' is the curse of skin-plumping treatments. So the arrival of a new, gentler midi filler that actually promotes collagen growth for a natural result is causing a major buzz in the beauty world.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi says, 'Ellanse stimulates collagen growth for up to four months after treatment. Then the filler is absorbed and passed out of the body, leaving no residue. Because you grow your own collagen, it's a very natural look, no "pillow face"!' The filler plumps sagging cheeks, rehydrates the skin, fills out dark circles and smoothes wrinkles. And it's safe, too: water-based Ellanse contains poly-caprolactone (PCI), a soft medical polymer that has been used for decades in medicine. It has passed safety tests to become approved by the tough US Food and Drug Administration.

Dr Al-Ayoubi says this is the perfect time to try Ellanse. 'Dermal fillers mean you have to avoid the sun, but dull autumn weather is great for a speedy recovery.' Because

Ellanse lasts for up to five years, it's vital to find a doctor who is very experienced with fillers and can help you achieve a natural look.

To view Dr Ayoubi in the media click here.