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Dr Ayoubi on Smartlipo Triplex

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi: Laser lipo has been around for a while, using heat to melt fat cells which can then be extracted via a tiny incision. Large fat cells resisted this as the laser couldn’t safely get hot enough to deal with them. The Smartlipo-Triplex laser uses three wavelengths to break down these tough cells, which can then be melted and removed.

Our tester says: ‘ I was awake during the procedure, but was heavily sedated and didn’t feel any pain. The doctor made a tiny incision (there were no stitches and three months later there’s no trace of it) and inserted a metal bar to laser the fat, which was then sucked out through the same hole. There was no recovery time- I’d booked the next day off in case but felt so perky I went shopping. There was an instant difference to my hips and back. My stomach initially looked bigger due to swelling but that went in a couple of weeks.’

Best for: Those who need a major kick-start over a large area, but don’t want the pain or recovery time of traditional lipo.

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