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Maire Claire / by Heather Slater

It’s the latest flab jab to hit a surgeon’s clinic near you, but would you pay £2,000 for prettier knees?


No matter how much I dieted or exercised, the areas above my kneecaps were still flabby and puffy, making my legs look shapeless, even in tights and leggings. Holidays were the worst. I felt insecure, self-conscious and paranoid, and I never wore abikiniwithout a sarong.

At university I thought about blowing my student loan to get them done, but my only option back then was a scary-looking and expensive form of liposuction, so I chickened out. Finally, at 33, I decided to take action. Liposuction is less expensive now and readily available, but I decided to go with Cynosure Smartlipo, which seemed a lot less harsh. Before booking myself in, I watched the procedure on YouTube, so I knew what to expect.

The whole thing took about three quarters of an hour, dur­ing which I was awake with my legs numb from a local anae­sethic. So as not to get into a state, I focused on all those tight leggings that I could never wear or the prospect of a new bikini. The probe is about as thick as a knitting needle, with a laser on the end, and was in­serted into each knee. The la­ser melted the fat, then about half of it was sucked out, so my knees shrank immediately. The rest of the fat gradually disappeared over the next few weeks through my lymphatic drainage system, leaving them even slimmer. The skin was also more taut. Apparently, about 100ml of fat is removed from each knee. That’s about two shot glasses!

There was no real pain after the op, just light bruising. Two months later, the four scars from the incisions are so small. I now wear clothes that I would never have dreamed of wearing before. I bought a pair of leg­ gings a month ago and got three compli­ments from girls in the office. A guy even came up to me at the gym and said, `You have the best legs.’ It’s changed my life.

I can’t believe that I’ve become such a cheerleader for this op. I used to look at celebrities trying to change their bodies in all kinds of ways and think they were crazy. I still wouldn’t agree with most of that, but just 45 minutes on the operating table, for a problem that seemed to others like such a small thing, have made a huge difference to my self-confidence.

The new knee jab at a glance

WHAT – According to plastic and laser surgeon Dr Ayham AI-Ayoubi, celebs have been having Cynosure Smartlipo treatments in the US since October 2006, when it was rumoured that Nicole Kidman, Geri Halliwell and Demi Moore had had it after they were each papped with a tiny plaster on each knee.

HOW – The laser literally melts the fat away (using energy, not heat) and, at the same time, it tightens the surrounding skin.

RESULTS – It can take up to four weeks to notice the full effects, but both tightening and toning can usually be seen instantly. The laser encourages your body to break down fat stores and dispose of them through the lymphatic system.

RESEARCH – Always go to an experienced doctor who is fully licensed with the Medical Research Council (check at Ask to fee before and after photographs of previous, similar procedures the surgeon has performed.

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The 45 minute fat knee fix

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