Laser Lipo Therapy

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Lunchtime Laser Therapy

What is it?

If your skin is less than perfect, you may dread going make-up free on the beach, but this treatment promises to give you a naturally glowing complexion. Tiny crystals are sprayed across the face to remove the first layer of skin. Next a laser smoothes fine lines by heating the skin, creating a mild inflammation which stimulates your body to produce collagen.


Unlike other microdermabrasion/laser treatments, which can take weeks to show results, you’ll notice the difference the next day. Effects last up to six months. It may feel uncomfortable, plus you’ll need to wear SPF 50 and avoid sunbathing for one session.

Where can I get it?

The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic

Tester Verdict:

“The first stage stung a bit, and the laser was quite hot. Afterwards my face felt like I had sunburn, but it died down quickly. The next day my skin was glowing, radiant and firmer. After a few weeks, the effects faded, so I’ve been back for more treatments. I hate wearing foundation in summer, but this year, I won’t need to.”

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