The New Cheek Chic

Company Magazine / Health Report October 2010

Is there no end to our quest for the perfect smile? Apparently not, now that more women are going under the knife for a dimple job. Thanks for that, Cheryl (whose lovely dimples are totally natural, we hasten to add- for legal reasons!)

Nothing kicks off a surgery trend like a celeb. A young Kelly Brook caused a surge in boob jobs, J-lo kick started the bum-implant movement and Ange had women running to their surgeons for lip pumpers. 

Now that Chezza is back on-screen and lightning up the X factor judging panel with her mega-watt smile, guess what? We all want her dimples. But would you be prepared to go under the knife for them?

Dimpleplasty typically involves being put under general anesthetic and requires an overnight stay in a clinic. A surgeon makes a small incision in the skin on your cheeks, to create a little depression and a stitch is administered to keep the skin indented. Once the stitch  dissolves, permanent scar tissue will remain to form a dimple.

"its a growing trend says Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi, Facial, Plastic and Laser surgeon from the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi: "I'm seeing more and more women coming in and asking for dimples. They give the face definition and make an ordinary smile look more  interesting . While some people are lucky enough to have them naturally, more and more are opting to create them more artificially". 

Naturally , as with most cosmetic  surgery trends the quest for designer dimples began  across the pond in the US. But British women , inspired by beauty icons like Cheryl and Sienna Miler have since jumped on the dimple wagon. UK Clinics have reported an 11% increase in young women visiting cosmetic surgeons to enquire about dimpleplasty . 

For anything between £2000 and £6000 you too could have Cheryl's dimples. Sam was one of the lucky ones. After extensive research, She booked in with surgeon Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi at The London Medical and Aestheitc  to have Dimpleplasty  last year. She was advised against the incision technique and instead opted for a high strength filler called Ellanse, which is injected into the cheek to create a 'false dimple ' effect.

"There was no pain or recovery time", says Sam. " I was at work the next day and i had noticeable but subtle dimples right away. i was told I might want to go back a week later for a second injection if I wanted more defined dimples, which I did. I was amazed at how natural they looked. My new dimples will last five years and I couldn't be happier with my own Cheryl smile".

To view Dr Ayoubi in the Media click here.