Non-Surgical Face Lifting

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi, shares his experience of combining two popular treatment options and the optimised results he has achieved as a result.

With time our skin loses its collagen and elasticity which can lead to looser facial tone and an increased appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases as well as an undefined jaw-line. 

It is well known that the whiter the skin the faster we lose collagen. Patient with darker skin types typically age much better however are at increased risk of keloid scarring following skin trauma.  

After performing more than 5,000 cases of Sculptra over the years and over 50 cases of Silhouette Soft Thread Lift we can now deliver the ultimate non-surgical facelift.

To understand how we can achieve full non-surgical face lifting, we first need to understand how both Sculptra and Silhouette Soft treatments work.

Sculptra is a long lasting, clinically-proven, non-invasive, stimulating injectable treatment that is designed to smooth out and soften lines and wrinkles, restore facial volume and contour the face in a natural way.

Sculptra works differently from traditional dermal fillers and is considered a discreet approach to achieving a fresher, younger-looking appearance. It’s a unique collagen replenishing treatment that helps to gradually and subtly reduce lines, wrinkles and folds. 

It is the only product that can stimulate collagen fibroblasts unlike any other dermal filler so is a preferred choice for many of my patients. By helping to replenish the body's own facial collagen and restore lost volume, it can give a fuller, more natural look that can last for up to 3-5 years.

Sculptra is suitable for both women and men of different ages and it can help with deep folds around the temples, mouth and nose, sunken cheeks, facial scars, deep acne scars and loose skin.

In the 20s: Collagen production slows down and then becomes dormant. This is an ideal time to start Sculptra to keep the collagen reserves active and for skin tightening.

In the 30s and 40s: Sculptra is ideal for long lasting lines and wrinkle correction and enhances cheek volume and stimulates collagen in a natural way.

In the 50s and onward: Sculptra is ideal to restore facial contours and volume and correct facial laxity and improve the jaw line and other areas and patients can achieve full face lifting without the need for aggressive surgery with the results lasting up to 3-5 years depending on individual patients.

Sculptra should not be used on the neck due to the risk of developing lumps and bumps.

Until now it has been quite challenging to achieve great results along the jawline by using Sculptra alone. Many of the changes associated with the jawline originate with the effects of aging to the mid face and the decent of the facial skin and fat pads that result in the appearance of the jowl and soft tissue disproportion. 

To adequately address lower facial changes a combination of Sculptra and Silhouette Soft is most effective. Sculptra can be used to achieve lifting and re-contouring of the mid-face and Silhouette Soft provides immediate lifting and re-positioning of the jawline resulting in full non-surgical face lifting where is has been difficult to achieve before. 

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi:Silhouette Soft is also a unique treatment which can also be carried out on different areas of the face and neck to provide immediate lifting action and regenerative action for gradual and natural results.   

The Silhouette Soft suture is comprised of bi directional cones attached to a suture made of a clear absorbable material of Poly Lactic Acid. The sutures contain either 

8 – 12 or 16  cones to enable a variety of treatment options, They  are fully resorbable to promote your skins own collagen production. The length of the suture is 30 cm. 

These anchoring sutures are inserted under the skin using a fine needle to elevate the sagging tissue and lift problem areas; the use of a fine needle means no incision is required. The thread is held in place with absorbable cones oriented in opposite directions (bidirectional).

Once the suture has been applied, slight compression of the tissue is applied to reshape it by hand and to obtain the desired lifting effect. 

Poly-L-lactic acid, the main ingredient of Sculptra and Silhouette Soft has been used successfully in surgical procedures for more than 40 years. Sculptra is officially approved by MHRA in the UK and the FDA in the USA and for restoration and/or correction of the signs of facial fat loss (lipoatrophy) and is used for treating facial lines and wrinkles.

Now using the combined technique of Sculptra and Silhouette Soft patients are achieving the results they desire of full non-surgical face and neck lifting without the need for a surgical approach.

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