Introducing HALO laser into UK & Europe

‘HALO’ - The World’s First Hybrid Fractional Laser

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi from The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic is very excited and proud to be the very first facial plastic surgeon to introduce The Halo fractional Laser into the UK and Europe.

Halo laser is the world’s first innovative, hybrid fractional laser combining non-ablative and ablative resurfacing, with minimal downtime.

As we age, our skin may experience changes in texture, colour, and elasticity.  Sun damage, smoking, illness, and stress also contribute to these alterations, often adding unwanted years on to the skins appearance.  While there is little that can be done to reverse these changes at home, The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic now has an answer: the Halo Fractional Laser.

In the past, you had to choose between a procedure that offered really great results but required a lengthy recovery, or a procedure with a fast recovery but marginal results. Now with Halo you get the best of both worlds: great results with minimal downtime. Halo combines deep dermal rejuvenation with epidermal renewal for a combined synergistic effect you can’t get with any other treatment. Halo creates beautiful results without the downtime of more aggressive treatments.

Halo precisely targets years of damage to your skin, including:

• Discoloration

• Sun damage

• Visible signs of aging

• Uneven skin tone

• Enlarged pores

• Poor texture

• Fine lines

• Scar revision

Using concentrated laser energy, the Halo Laser gently creates microscopic ‘holes’ in the surface of the skin.  As the tissues heal, glowing, new skin appears.  This mild injury to the skin encourages the body’s natural collagen production, continuing to improve the appearance over the months to come.

The Halo Laser utilizes Dynamic Thermal Optimization (DTO) to continually measure the skin’s temperature, automatically making changes to the energy’s density and pulse, meaning treatments are both safe and effective.  With a variety of settings, each Halo Laser resurfacing procedure can be custom tailored to an individual patient’s needs. 

An ablative laser has long been considered one of the most effective treatments for improving the signs of aging. By removing the outer layers of damaged skin, the skin is forced to heal, increase collagen production and restructure, making way for tighter, rejuvenated skin. The downfall of an ablative laser is the recovery and downtime needed, often 1-2 weeks.

A non-ablative laser treatment is far less invasive with little-to-no downtime. By heating up the outer layers of skin but not removing them, a non-ablative laser treatment is popular for patients who need to return to their everyday lives right after treatment.

The downfall here is a series of several treatments are needed to achieve desired results with a non-ablative procedure.

Therefore with Halo laser an ablative treatment is combined with a non- ablative downtime.

Halo has undergone years of testing to perfect the Hybrid Fractional Laser technology. The design goal was to build a better non-ablative fractional laser for physicians looking for an alternative to Contour TRL and ProFractional with less downtime. In testing, investigators found something remarkable. Patients treated with Halo had a much better appearance related to texture and pigment improvement than expected.

Patients had amazing results in 1-2 treatments whereas patients using older non-hybrid technology needed 5-6 treatments to have similar texture changes, but did not approach Halo Laser results in terms of pigmentation correction. In addition, there was remarkable, unexpected improvement in pore size and number.

What results can you expect?

Halo is a complete skin rejuvenation treatment. The patients will see improvements in overall tone and texture in addition to significant removal of discoloration, reduction in fine lines, reduced pore size, skin reflectivity and glow.

What happens during and after the treatment?

Thirty minutes to an hour before the treatment a topical or local anaesthetic will be placed on the skin to reduce the sensation during the procedure. The area will be measured with motion tracking technology to ensure the area is treated evenly. Each measured section of skin will be treated by uniformly rolling the Halo handpiece over the skin until the system calculates that the treatment is complete.

With a topical anaesthetic in place and the integrated cooling system on the Halo laser handpiece, most patients experience very little discomfort. The treatment has been described as a feeling of heat with the occasional prickling sensation, but overall not an uncomfortable experience.

After the treatment, most patients will continue to feel warm for an additional 15 to 30 minutes or a bit longer if they are having deep dermal treatment. 

For the first 24 hours patients should keep your skin protected according to the instructions given to them by Dr Ayoubi. But then after that time window they should be able to go about their normal activities. After the first 24 hours the skin will begin to peel, but it will be possible to apply makeup if so desired.

It is expected to not see that much of a change on the first day but after two to three days the patient can expect a light bronzing appearance. By the third of fourth day after the treatment your skin will fully peel, revealing the new skin beneath.

Therefore patients can expect to see the results of the Halo Laser two to five days after the treatment, but the skin will also continue to improve over time.  Most patients see the greatest improvement in their pigmentation in the first two to three weeks. This is followed by a dermal regeneration phase that continues to improve for months. 

Patients can expect their results to last for years to come, but they should always keep their skin protected at all times with UV sunscreen to protect their new, healthy skin. Each additional Halo Laser treatment will only improve the results and develop even better looking skin. 

Halo laser has completely reinvented the market of laser resurfacing and laser for facial rejuvenation. Halo Laser combines deep dermal rejuvenation with epidermal renewal for a combined synergistic effect that patients cannot get with any other treatment.

Halo laser creates beautiful results without the prolonged downtime associated with more aggressive treatments.