Latest Anti-Ageing Treatments For Around the Eye

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As we start to get older, the eye area is usually the first to deteriorate. The deterioration of the eyes has a huge impact on a person’s aesthetic appearance.

The lower eyelid muscles lose their elasticity and begin to look baggy and dark circles start to appear while the upper eyelids begin to sag and wrinkles start to develop around the eyes. These ageing processes can be accelerated by smoking, poor or unhealthy diet and too much sun exposure without protection.

Eye rejuvenation is the second most popular cosmetic treatment for men and women who want to improve their appearance. There are many surgical options for treating this area, but non-surgical options are becoming increasingly popular.

At London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi can offer patients a range of non-surgical options for rejuvenating the area around the eye.

Deciding on correct treatment

Many patients know what results they would like to achieve but don’t know what treatment to choose to get that desired result. It is the practitioner’s responsibility to advise the patient on which treatment plan is best suited for them.

No two people age in the same way or have exactly the same skin type or texture; treatments should be tailored to achieve the best results for each individual. A thorough examination and assessment need to be done by an experienced practitioner who will discuss the risks and benefits of each treatment to the patient so they can make an informed decision.

The choice of treatment can sometimes depend on the age of the patient. The younger a patient is the less likely it is that the patient would need to choose a surgical option as a treatment; dermal fillers would be more suitable.

More invasive treatments are usually needed for older patients as cases are more severe the older they get. A lot of older patients try to avoid surgery and in those cases non-surgical options can make them look more refreshed.

Types of Treatments

Non-Surgical treatments

  • Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can be very effective in reducing and eliminating bags under the eyes and in improving the look of dark circles. As a person starts to age collagen begins to break down.

This can make the skin sag and the face will lose its volume. Fillers raise the flattened areas which restore volume to the face and give a person back their youthful look. Hyaluronic acid fillers are gradually absorbed as they are biodegradable, as the filler is absorbed water takes its place. Age, skin type, health, and product injected all have an impact on how long the filler lasts.

The treatment itself takes ten to fifteen minutes and results can be seen immediately. There may be some minor swelling or bruising but this dies down in a couple of days.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi only uses the most advanced hyaluronic fillers to achieve the best results possible.

  • C02 Laser Resurfacing

C02 laser resurfacing is very effective for tightening and smoothing out the skin under and around the eyes. This procedure works by removing the top layer of the skin and exposing a younger, smoother and softer looking skin.

It encourages the production of collagen by inducing the healing process by exposing and heating the deep layer of the skin. The procedure itself takes 35 to 45 minutes. And the healing process usually takes between 10 to 21 days.

At our clinic, we have the latest C02 machines that deliver the best results.

  • Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a process whereby topical chemicals are applied to the skin. The chemicals make the skin blister and the damaged top layer of skin peels revealing a newer layer of fresh and younger looking skin.

The reaction to this treatment is similar to that of sunburn. The peeling of the skin usually subsides within a week and the results show a decrease in wrinkles and improvement in the quality of the skin.

We offer a range of different chemical peels at London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic.

  • ZO Medical Skincare

We pride ourselves to be one of the leading clinics to introduce and offer the revolutionary ZO medical Skincare treatments. ZO has a wide range of skin treatments that are cater for all ages, skin types and skin problems.

The skincare range is designed for the correction and prevention of all types of skin ageing. The patient first has a consultation with a professional skin therapist and they will advise the best course of treatment for the individual.

Our clinic offers consultations with our highly professional and knowledgeable skin therapist, the consultation last usually from 20 – 30 minutes and after they will give and analysis and develop a personalised treatment plan for the patient.

Surgical Treatments

  • Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery involves removing excess skin, muscle and fat from around the lower and upper eyes. The surgery can remove loose skin on the eyelid, droopy eyelids, sagging skin around the eyes and wrinkles.

The surgery is usually performed under a general anaesthetic but can be performed under local anaesthetic too. The surgeon would make an incision in such as way so it blends with the natural structure of the eyelid.

The skin can be tightened by removing excess skin or fat or by tightening the muscles.

For the lower eyelid, the incision is made just below the lower lash line. Bruising around the eyes should be healed within 10 days and swelling should be gone by the first few weeks. It may take up to a year to see the full results.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi: Under eye treatments can offer amazing results for patients who want to look fresher and more youthful.

To get the best results a through clinical assessment by a well experienced professional is essential to choose the correct treatment for the individual. The popularity of non-surgical treatments for under the eye has increased dramatically over the last number of years. Patients would now rather have these treatments over surgical treatments.

Patient’s travel from all over the world to the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic to see Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi and to have him perform his treatments to rejuvenate the eye and get rid of baggy eyes and dark circles. He uses the latest techniques and treatments to effectively augment this area and deliver the best results.

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