A glimpse of history of medical complications in Aesthetic Medicine!

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Side effects and complications do happen in medicine; however, it is the duty of the doctor to minimise the possible side effects and complications even so they cannot be eliminated and aesthetic medicine is no exception to that.

Dr Ayoubi’s motto “The better we look the better we feel” and as long as most of human beings have been interested in looking good, there have been cosmetic treatments. Looking back at the most famous filler complications in cosmetic medical history from 19th-century beauties treatments, to early 20th-century charlatans, to 50’s Las Vegas showgirls, through the duck like lips to and to the Kardashians’ buttocks.

The first fillers were made of paraffin, a supposedly safe substance that led to the formation of terrible side effects called “paraffinomas.” The most famous victim of this was the Duchess of Marlborough, who died a recluse after her beautiful face was disfigured.

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The early 20th century was also rife with quacks practicing medicine with no medical training! Many of these lay charlatans found early success creating cosmetic beauty empires, but their bad practice soon caught up with them.

As dermal fillers developed over the years, silicone became the most used popular to be used, and was the favourite of Las Vegas showgirls who underwent many enhancements. It wasn’t until years down the line those horrible inflammatory reactions emerged, damaging the skin and the tissue badly and Nevada swiftly banned silicone injections.

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We all love to hear about the latest cosmetic treatments and see the great results, nevertheless, patients should be familiar, not only with the benefits and advantages of the treatment, but should be also aware of the limitations, all possible side effects and complications before having any aesthetic treatments.

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