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VelaShape at the London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic

Best for: Stubborn cellulite on the thighs, butt and abdomen

Claim: “This breakthrough treatment is perfect to hone your bikini body and is proven to significantly improve the appearance of cellulite by tightening, toning and smoothing the skin.”


Pros: It’s pain free, doesn’t involve a needle and is actually quite pleasant. And you can feel it working. The VelaShape looks a lot like a big Dyson vacuum cleaner – but with a thousand times the suction power.

The nurse covers your “problem areas” – in my case from belly downwards – with a gel, and then runs the device over the aforementioned areas repeatedly. It works by heating the skin with light energy and infrared, which helps increase oxygen diffusion in the body. Combines with a lymphatic drainage massage, it helps shrink fat cells, break them down, and so your body can get rid of them, leaving your skin smoother, less dimply, and tighter.

Cons: You need about six sessions to see results and it helps if you make an effort to combine treatments with a mild detox – more water, less wine, fewer chips, more exercise. I only saw a difference after session number four, when I realized that my bum seemed to fit a little more comfortably into my bikini bottoms. So it’s not really an instant fix.

Verdict: There’s definitely a marked difference in the dimples (they took before and after shots to prove it) and my skin feels smoother and a lot tighter. It also helped sort the horrid water retention around my knees, which I was always paranoid about. It’s a bit of a hassle, it takes six sessions, but I think it’s worth it. I’m booking in some more, anyway.

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The Bikini Body Booster

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