‘Covid Face’ – How we aged six years in six months

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It is normal for our skin to look wrecked Post-lockdown, and after six months of ongoing stress, tension, bad eating and a lot of drinking, many of us feel as though we are looking in fairground mirrors and we look somewhat like an exhumed medieval ancestor.

As we start to catch up with friends, trying to confine ourselves to serious matters, social distancing, Covid testing, the rule of six, cancelled Christmas, the most persistent topic is how unrecognisably exhausted we look. The past few months have massively taken their toll on all of us. Some of us have been working full-time, others from home, stressed, not sleeping, consuming takeaways and self-medicating with a drink or two. All of that has resulted in a lot of us having the Covid face.

It is easy to say, that a lot of us feel that the stress and anxiety brought about by the pandemic has caused us to age rapidly, mainly reflecting in loose and wrinkly skin, most obviously around the eyes. A lot of cosmetic Doctors and plastic surgeons have seen a significant demand in cosmetic treatments as patients have seen a major shift in how they looked before and after lockdown and they want to look fresher like they used to before the lockdown.

It is well known that sudden extremes can trigger acute biological reactions, such as disease shocks and surgical shocks. Those actually infected with coronavirus could experience a substantial ageing impact. However, in terms of quarantine stresses, this will most likely have a more gradual effect on the way we look, as we may look worse for wear, but this won’t reflect biological changes in cells and tissues.

It all sounds depressing but we should not let it get to us and we can look at it as a warning sign rather than a done deal. The upside is that we can reflect on our lives and the privileges of normal lives we had before the lockdown which we took for granted, and we can change our lifestyle by being free to go outside in terms of sunlight and physical exercise. We should also improve our diet. As with regards to the physical social distancing we can overcome this by using digital social solidarity.

In regards to beauty, Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi motto” enhancing but preserving natural beauty” can be implemented with the help of non-surgical cosmetic, laser treatments and latest technologies in aesthetic medicine, offering rejuvenation and transformation treatments to give the patients a supercharged boost and try to get them into best possible post-lockdown form.

rejuvenation and transformation

Among a long list of the latest innovative cosmetic and laser treatments, provided by Dr Ayoubi at his Harley street clinic, Sculptra became the most popular treatment after the look downt, designed to smooth out and soften lines and wrinkles, restore facial contour and volume in a natural way to address the Covid face.

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