SmartLipo Triplex Latest generation Laser Liposuction

SmartLipo Triplex is a revolutionary new fat reduction and body sculpting treatment from global aesthetic leaders Cynosure.  This procedure introduces a third wavelength to its dual wavelength technology to break down fat mechanically, as well as thermally. 

Creating twenty times more absorption in adipose tissue, this translates into a more powerful treatment for surgeons. Bodysculpting treatments have been one of the most requested procedures in my clinic since 2010, but with the new generation triplex machine I can offer patients a far quicker treatment time, improved fat reduction results and end up with sixty two per cent skin tightening – greater than any other laser on the market. Cynosure have also created a new thermal sensing technology called ThermaGuide, providing more accurate treatment doses and a higher degree of safety.  This delivers more reliable removal of tissue and formation of new skin.

For many people diets don’t work and trying to lose weight can be demoralising.  This is an exciting new treatment launch; its technology is significantly advanced, not only in terms of results, but more importantly in terms of safety.

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