Founder of Smartlipo, Cellulaze and Sculptra in The UK

15 February 2017
Fat freezing is the latest body contouring treatment that banishes unwanted areas such as muffin tops, love handles, double chins and saddle bags.
6 February 2017
After years of research & study, there is finally a solution to help people regain their confidence - The revolutionary Laser Lipo
24 January 2017
Dr Ayoubi about managing the gap between patient expectations and reality
17 January 2017
Dr Ayoubi gives some advice on how to keep skin healthy this winter
6 January 2017
Dr Ayoubi discusses melasma and best ways to treat it
8 December 2016
Dr Ayoubi talks about his technique of combining Sculptra & Silhouette Soft for optimum results
2 December 2016
The only way to get rid of unwanted hairs permanently!
24 November 2016
Dr Ayoubi talks about the possible complications that could arise from the wrong use of permanent dermal fillers
19 October 2016
Dr Ayoubi speaks about the impact Acne can have on a person and the best treatment options
17 October 2016
The ultimate minimally invasive laser treatment to contour the body with no downtime