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MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment

We pride ourselves as one of the leading clinic’s to offer the lastest and most advanced laser rejuvenation treatments.

MonaLisa Touch is a revolutionary new approach to women’s sexual health. It is the first intravaginal rejuvenation treatment based on a special fractional CO2 laser system. 

MonaLisa Touch SmartXide2 CO2 laser is an advanced laser system specifically created for the vaginal mucosa and designed for Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Reshaping (V2LR), for both curative and preventive purposes.

The unique and exclusive features make it an ideal solution for the effective treatment of vaginal atrophy (atrophic vaginitis), as well as vaginal laxity, mild urinary incontinence and post-partum related sexual problems.

The CO2 laser gently acts on the vaginal walls through a special scanner triggering the stimulation of the production of new collagen and the equilibrium and reorganising of the vaginal mucosa.

Using lasers to stimulate collagen production inside the vagina, the MonaLisa Touch works to rehydrate vaginal walls and increase blood flow, painlessly.

The Evolution Of The Fractional CO2 Laser

MonaLisa Touch Laser is a breakthrough laser utilizing the CO2 fractional system with the most advanced and sophisticated technology.

Dot Therapy

The gentle action of the MonaLisa Touch CO2 Laser uses DOT Therapy, this allows the laser energy to be applied to the vaginal walls in a non-continuous mode. A small percentage of vaginal tissue is directly affected by the laser, yet the entire area benefits from the process and eventually becomes rejuvenated.

This DOT therapy is critical to accomplishing the right mechanism of stimulation and tissue restoration, which in turn causes minimal side effects or discomfort for the patient during and after treatment.


For the MonaLisa Touch treatment, DEKA purposely developed a new radiofrequency CO2 laser source, featuring the unique Pulse Shape Design which generates pulses especially designed for the vaginal mucosa.

The result is a perfect laser-tissue interaction, by ensuring the correct penetration depth and reducing any side effects through the control of thermal effect.

HI Scan

The exclusive HiScan V2LR, specially designed for the MonaLisa Touch procedure, ensures quick, perfectly smooth treatments that are easily repeatable over time.

A unique system of galvanometer scanning mirrors designed to transfer the laser energy safely and effectively through a wide range of applicators.

Benefits of MonaLisa Touch

Due to tissue regeneration and collagen production, mucosa tissue becomes more nourished and hydrated and the epithelium becomes more toned and thicker, restoring the correct vaginal PH.

Patients have reported an improvement and reduction in the symptoms of burning, itching, dryness, pain during intercourse and laxity after three treatments.

MonaLisa Touch Safety

The MonaLisa SmartXide2 CO2 laser is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The convenience of different types of applicators including 360°, single-mirror, disposable and vulvar applicators means that the MonaLisa Touch treatment can be adapted to the specific clinical and anatomic needs of individual patients.

MonaLisa Touch at Our Clinic

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi and his staff are excited to start providing the MonaLisa Touch for Vulvo-Vaginal rejuvenation to patients at our London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic.

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