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There are a number of surgical techniques for total penile enlargement. These will invariably increase the penis length, girth and the size of the penis glans. All the techniques can be performed individually or in combination depending on the patient’s wishes. Performing all operations together results to significant cost savings as well as reduced healing time and most of our patients choose this option.

The operating time is between 60-120 minutes and all the operating techniques are day care surgeries and usually can be performed under sedation, rather than general anaesthesia, which means that the same day of the operation, the patient will be able to function normally and return home. Some patients might choose to spend one night at the hospital but this is more about comfort rather than medical necessity.

At The London Medical & Aesthetic clinic we offer our patients the best services for andrology from one of the top surgeons in the country. Dr. Franklin Kuehhas is a top surgeon whose specialization is the treatment of penis curvature. He devised the STAGE technique together with Dr. Paulo Egydio after extensive medical practice and academic research and he is one of the few European doctors that was trained in the EGYDIO technique for correcting penile curvature due to Peyronie’s disease by Dr Egydio himself. He has conducted a significant number of surgeries for the correction of bent penis, with a very high patient-satisfying success rate. Beyond that, he has shown a continuous drive for innovation; improving significantly the standard surgical techniques for penis enlargement, devising with Dr Egydio a new technique for penile prosthesis with simultaneous penile lengthening and co-developing the sclerotherapy treatment for erectile dysfunction. He also has an intense interest in the application of outcomes based healthcare and statistical learning for delivering personalized treatments for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Dr. Franklin Kuehhas graduated from and worked as a urologist – andrologist at the Medical University of Vienna, the largest medical university in Europe.

The different techniques for penile enlargement:


In all men, part of penis is not visible and extends inside the body. The hidden part, as it is often referred, is attached to the pubic bone through the so called suspensory ligaments. These do not play any role in the functioning of the penis but help retain an upwards facing erection, as opposed to downwards which is the natural tendency of the penis.
Ligamentolysis can be viewed as the basis of a penis lengthening operation and involves cutting some of the penis ligaments. This allows part of the “hidden” penis to move downwards and outside the body. As a result the visible part of the penis increases. Whereas it sounds like a relatively simple technique there are a number of elements that require significant skill.
With an experienced surgeon the individual results with ligamentolysis will depend mainly on the ratio between the visible and hidden part of the penis. This can be established pre-operatively using imaging techniques as well as physical examination by the doctor. Given that the penis body size does not alter with ligamentolysis but rather the ratio between the hidden and visible parts, the effect of the operation is more profound during the flaccid state where an increase between 2 – 5cm (0.8in – 2in) is achievable. In the erect state, the gain in length will usually vary between 0.5 – 2cm (0.2in – 0.8in) and will be dependent on post-operative care. As explained in previous sections, for most men and their partners flaccid state length and girth size (or at least should be) are more important than the erection length. In this respect, we consider ligamentolysis, in combination with girth and glans enhancement, an excellent penis enlargement option as it is minimally invasive, very safe and for the majority of patients and their partners, the results will be very satisfying.

Penile lengthening through prosthesis insertion

For patients with severe erectile dysfunction, who are candidates or already had penile prosthesis surgery, then significant penile lengthening can be achieved in both the erect and flaccid states through a modified penile prosthesis implantation surgery. Furthermore, doctors have pioneered a technique which minimizes operating time and any possible complications. The average gain is 3 cm (1in) but we have seen patients gaining up to 5 cm (2in). In this case the outcome will generally depend on the elasticity of the neurovascular bundle of the penis but the results are usually excellent. For more information please visit the penile prosthesis section.

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