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Bariatric Surgery

More recently than ever, people are trying to lose weight through diets, exercise, but more permanently with surgical procedures. There are many different types of surgery available for people who want to lose weight and are increasingly popular because they are more effective and more permanent than any type of diet in terms of weight loss and improvements in the quality of a person’s life.

Dieting, although tried by many people is not totally effective, as once a certain amount of weight is lost the body goes into starvation mode and a huge appetite is caused by irregular hormones from starving. This leads to people reaching for high fat and sugar foods and drinks.

Therefore, patients are able to lose a certain amount of weight then re-gain this weight quickly and end up putting the weight back on. This common dieting sequence is referred to as yoyo dieting and is a normal consequence of these appetite driven hormonal changes, which are very difficult for people to resist.

A more now common type of surgery, which is also known as bariatric surgery, is increasingly being recognised by many practitioners and also by patients. At our clinic we proud ourself to work with the best consultant plastic surgeons to carry out this procedure.

Weight loss through Bariatric surgery is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach with a gastric band or through removal of a portion of the stomach (sleeve gastrectomy or biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch) or by resecting and re-routing the small intestines to a small stomach pouch, this is called gastric bypass surgery.

Successful results have been shown in patients and the associated Long-term studies have shown that Bariatric procedures cause significant long-term weight loss as well as:

  • A long term change in attitude towards healthy eating
  • Improved health and mobility
  • Improved mental wellbeing
  • Boost to self-esteem and self confidence
  • Stop the longer term urges to regain weight by modifying the appetite drives and food cravings.

The Bariatric surgery would often require the need to stay in hospital overnight so full aftercare can be given and to ensure the surgeon is happy with everything before you return home.

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