Dr Ayoubi speaks at the MSc in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery clinical day.

The lectures covered the applications of Laser in Aesthetic Surgery clinical day .With A welcoming lecture by Professor Myers about the latest developments of lasers use in Medicine.
Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi lectured about The Future of Body contouring –Laser Assisted Liposuction. And Mr Ben lectured about the scientific basis to laser use in Aesthetic medicine and Surgery.
Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi lectured about the original Smartlipo Laser Lipoysis as an innovative and major advancement in the field of body contouring, body sculpting. The advanced revolutionary laser technology was originally developed in Italy in year 2000 after 12 years of extensive research and clinical studies. Smartlipo - laser lipolysis technique has been used successfully in Italy, Japan and Brazil from year 2000.

Smartlipo is a safe, minimally invasive laser surgical procedure using an advanced laser to reduce unwanted stubborn fat from most areas of the body under local anaesthetic or under light IV sedation or general anaesthetic without the need for aggressive surgery and without leaving any marks.

Smartlipo revolutionized liposuction and has become the gold standard of laser lipolysis. Using light energy, the tissue selective laser melts the fat before it is aspirated, allowing for easier patient recovery and greater sculpting control for the surgeon.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi explained about his invitation  and development  the concept of laser assisted liposuction technique - LAL in 2007, which is based on lasering the fat tissue using Smartlipo laser energy, followed by skin tightening by taking advantage of the thermal effect of the laser energy, after which he uses the suction machine or the body-jet liposuction technique to suck out the liquefied fat.
Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi explained how he combined the gentle liposuction with Smartlipo for more rapid results without relying on the traditional laser liposis alone. The laser assisted liposuction technique - LAL uses the Smartlipo'spulsating laser beam which has a photo-mechanical effect rupturing the fat cells' membrane. Also it has thermal effect which melts the fractured fat cells and coagulates small blood vessels which reduce the bleeding to minimum. Both effects together (Photo-dynamic and Thermal) will give the skin tightening results. The deep fat is lasered first followed by the superficial fat and finally the fat is suctioned out.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi has also lectured about the revolutionary Smartlipo MPX which he introduced from the USA into the UK and Europe in August 2008. Smartlipo MPX is the first dual-wavelengths laser system (this Smartlipo machine has two different lasers working at the same time) for body sculpting.

As with the original Smartlipo workstation, SmartLipo MPX is a minimally invasive laser lipolysis system. The SmartLipo laser energy also coagulates the tissue, thereby sculpting body contours and tightening the skin. The SmartLipo laser liposuction procedure generally causes less bleeding, swelling and bruising than traditional liposuction, resulting in fewer complications and more rapid recovery time.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi lectured about the third generation of SmartLipo lasers - The evolutionary SmartLipo Triplex which offers greater fat reduction and skin tightening. It is the first laser lipolysis technology that uses three wavelengths which are well absorbed by fat. SmartLipo Triplex adds a new wavelength to the MPX generation of the laser. The three wavelengths are combined in one laser output. Two wavelengths fire sequentially, liquefying the fat and tightening the skin with collagen stimulation and blood vessel coagulation.

Both Smartlipo MPX and Smartlipo Triplex are equipped with two important features, the SmartSense and the ThermaGuide. The SmartSense delivery system contains an advanced microchip called the Accelerometer, which is inserted into the intelligent hand piece and the motion of the intelligent hand piece gives precise laser power.
The ThermaGuide constantly measures the temperature under the skin and controls the output of energy, ensuring that the treatment area stays within a safe range so that it is hot enough to work efficiently, but not so hot as to cause the patient harm.
Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi, explained that Smartlipo was approved by the Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) - UK, June 2006 and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - USA, December 2006.Also Patients travel from all over the UK and from around the world to have Smartlipo laser body sculpting treatment in London..
 Dr Ayham  Al-Ayoubi second lecture was about the State of Art cellulaze laser for  Cellulite treatment and SmoothShape body contouring.
Cellulaze Laser is the World's First Aesthetic Laser with minimally invasive surgical approach to treat cellulite beneath the surface of the skin for the long-term reduction of cellulite.
Dr Ayham  Al-Ayoubi explained that an estimated 85 per cent of women over age 20 are affected by cellulite, a degenerative and largely untreated condition in which dimply herniation and depressions develop within the layers of the skin. The cause of bad cellulite isn’t skin deep. It runs much deeper than that. Uneven, dimpled skin begins to affect most women after puberty and the problem usually becomes worse with age. And the after effects of childbirth can only make matters worse.
Cellulite is enlarged pockets of fat that are pushed towards the skin’s surface by tight, inflexible connective tissue. It’s a problem that plagues even thin women. A healthy diet along with regular exercise can minimize the appearance of cellulite, but diet and exercise alone will never completely eliminate it.
Dr Ayham  Al-Ayoubi explained that Cellulaze is a breakthrough, revolutionary cosmetic, FDA-approved procedure that wages a relentless war against cellulite and provides scientifically proven, enduring results. The cutting-edge, minimally-invasive laser treatment stretches the skin’s natural thickness for a smoother, firmer, more youthful look.
It is the leading cellulite laser treatment facility in the world. Using the most advanced FDA approved laser surgical procedure Cellulaze Treatment our clinic has pioneered this new exciting area of cosmetic surgery.
Building on the success of its Smartlipo, Smartlipo MPX and Smartlipo Triplex technology for laser lipolysis, Cynosure have introduced the Cellulaze Laser Workstation, the world's first minimally invasive surgical device designed to reduce cellulite by restoring the normal structure of the skin and underlying connective tissue.
Dr Ayham  Al-Ayoubi lectured about the fact that Cellulaze distinguishes itself from other cellulite treatments, including liposuction, because rather than simply targeting the skin, it focuses on the structural causes of cellulite that lie well below the skin. Patient can see a remarkable difference in the cellulite appearance after just one laser cellulaze procedure.
Cellulite is caused by several physiological changes including:

1. An increase in the number or size of fat cells pushing up through the tissue beneath the skin.

2. Thin connective tissue under the skin that becomes stretched or distended as a result of aging or weight gain.

3. Undulations caused by hardening of tissue underneath the skin.

The Cellulaze laser is designed to diminish the lumpy pockets of fat, release the areas of skin depression and increase the elasticity and thickness of the skin. Usually patients require just one treatment.

Dr Ayham  Al-Ayoubi explained that Cellulaze Laser technology offering a light-based solution for the treatment of cellulite. The system has a solid state Nd: YAG emitting light in the 1440-nm wavelength.

Cellulaze's laser proprietary Sidelight 3D side-firing technology directs controlled, laser thermal energy to the treatment zones -- typically the buttocks and thighs.

In the Cellulaze Laser surgical procedure, which is performed under a local anaesthetic, IV sedation or light general anaesthesia the surgeon inserts a small cannula -- a narrow tube the size of the tip of a pen -- under the skin.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi explained that the Cellulaze laser treatment have demonstrated a benefit from 
the use of subcutaneous laser energy in terms of tissue tightening through tissue coagulation as well as the regeneration of collagen and connective tissue.

As with Smartlipo MPX and Smartlipo Triplex Laser workstations, Cellulaze Laser incorporates the proprietary SmartSense and ThermaGuide intelligent laser energy delivery systems. Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi explains "Unlike the non-invasive treatment approaches that aim to temporarily treat the appearance of cellulite, Cellulaze Laser uses a three-dimensional approach to directly target the subdermal structure that forms the foundation of cellulite."

Dr Ayham  Al-Ayoubi explained that Cellulaze Laser has received FDA approval in the USA (Food and Drug Administration) and CE Mark certification in Europe. Also researches demonstrate long-Term improvements in skin elasticity and skin thickness.Patients travel from all over the UK and from around the world to have Cellulaze laser surgery in London .