Scar Free Laser Breast Lifting

As we age our skin starts to droop or sag due to loss of elasticity in the skin or excessive weight loss.

The breasts are often one of the first areas to suffer and this can be increased due to pregnancy. The drooping of the breast combined with the build-up of fatty tissue around the breasts and beneath the armpit lead women to surgery to tackle the problem.

However, now there is a superior solution to solving this problem without the need for going under the knife…….laser breast lifting.

Laser breast lifting involves the use of the Smartlipo technology which combines a method of liposuction with laser technology which simply melts the fat under the skin and then vacuums it away.

The thermal effects of the lasers heat and tighten the skin and encourage the stimulation of collagen production, to pull and lift the breasts so they look lifted as well as smoother and firmer.

The traditional breast lift involves removing excess skin and re-positioning the remaining tissue and the nipple. The surgery is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic and involves an overnight stay in a hospital and does require some downtime.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi: The main disadvantage of breast lift surgery is that it leaves a scar on the breasts. Laser breast lifting does not involve any downtime and a hospital stay is not necessary.

It does not leave any visible scars. There is minimal bruising, swelling or bleeding which results in a quick recovery.

Patients can return to work within two days and can start back at the gym after about a week An effective breast lift can now be achieved with a minimally invasive surgery that does not require downtime or leave a permanent scar.

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