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Nasal Surgery

Nasal surgery includes any surgery performed on the outside or inside of the nose.

Each year thousands of people undergo surgery of the nose. Nasal surgery may be performed for cosmetic purposes, or a combination procedure to improve both form and function. It also may alleviate or cure nasal breathing problems, correct deformities from birth or injury, or support an aging, drooping nose.

Patients who are considering nasal surgery for any reason should seek a doctor who is a specialist in nasal airway function, as well as plastic surgery. This will ensure that efficient breathing is as high a priority as appearance.

A common type of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, nasal surgery may be performed to accomplish the following:

  • improve breathing
  • correct congenital or acquired deformities
  • change size or shape of nose (cosmetic)
  • repair nasal injuries

Types of Nasal Surgery


Septoplasty is the surgical correction of defects and deformities of the nasal septum(the partition between the nostrils).

Examples of septoplasty include the following:

  • correction of a deviated septum.
  • A deviated septum is a condition in which the partition (septum) between the nostrils is not in a straight vertical alignment.
  • A deviated septum can cause obstructed airflow.
    A deviated septum can be caused by a birth defect or injury.
  • correction of cleft defects that affect the nose and nasal cavity


Rhinoplasty is the surgical repair of a defect of the nose, including reshaping or resizing the nose.

Rhinoplasty may be performed to accomplish the following:

  • change the size of the nose
  • change the shape of the nose
  • narrow the nostrils
  • change the angle between the nose and lips

Aesthetic nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) refines the shape of the nose, bringing it into balance with the other features of the face.

According to Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi “Because the nose is the most prominent facial feature, even a slight alteration can greatly improve appearance”. Some patients elect chin augmentation in conjunction with rhinoplasty to better balance their features.

Rhinoplasty alone cannot give you a perfect profile, make you look like someone else, or improve your personal life. Before surgery, it is very important that the patient have a clear, realistic understanding of what change is possible as well as the limitations and risks of the procedure.

Skin type, ethnic background, and age will be among the factors considered preoperatively by the surgeon. Except in cases of severe breathing impairment, young patients usually are not candidates until their noses are fully-grown, at 18 or 20 years of age. The surgeon will also discuss risk factors, which are generally minor.

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