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We pride ourselves in being the leading clinic in STYLAGE Dermal Filler treatments in the UK.

STYLAGE is the first innovative monophasic Gels consisting of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (patented IPN-Like technology) and a natural antioxidant to reduce the visual effects of ageing. It can be used for filling and smoothing wrinkles, natural lip correction, volume restoration, hydration, chin remodelling, tear trough correction, neck, décolleté and hand rejuvenation. It is also possible to combine products for targeted treatment.

STYLAGE is not just another hyaluronic acid dermal filler. It is now one of the leading brands in Europe that has achieved success but through experience and peer Group recommendation.

STYLAGE uses a patented interpenetrated cross-linked network (IPN-Like Technology) manufacturing process.

The addition of mannitol to act against free radicals provides optimal resistance to degradation. As a result, this innovative formula creates a safe, long-lasting product for all types of wrinkles, and all skin types. The Gels have optimised elasticity for easy modelling and reshaping, even for delicate areas like the nose, temples and hands. At the same time, they have high viscoelasticity for Good filling capacity and natural aesthetic results.

STYLAGE has developed an extensive range of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging products for filling lines and wrinkles and for facial volume restoration.

Filling and Smoothing Wrinkles

As we get older the skin loses its natural elasticity and we may notice first wrinkles on its surface. With time wrinkles get deeper and turn into un-aesthetic lines. As a result, the face starts to look tired, saggy and less radiant.

The STYLAGE Classic line has been specifically designed to treat all types of wrinkles. Each product is specially formulated and chosen to suit your individual needs according to your age, skin type, skin condition and wrinkle depth (size S, M or L).

STYLAGE S is most suited for patients with:

  • superficial and average wrinkles;
  • periorbital wrinkles (“crow’s feet”);
  • glabellar frown lines (between the eyebrows);
  • fine cheek wrinkles;
  • perioral wrinkles (around the mouth);
  • oral commissures (marionette lines);
  • dark circles (eye hollows) in the tear trough area under the eye.

STYLAGE M is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid based gel formulated with the addition of an antioxidant agent, Mannitol, designed for the treatment of moderate to severe facial lines and medium to deep wrinkles.

STYLAGE M is most effective for treating patients with:

  • moderate to severe nasolabel folds;
  • smoothing of wrinkled areas and sagging folds (cheeks, facial oval, chin);
  • oral commissures (marionette lines);
  • cheek wrinkles;
  • hollow temple area;
  • nose: nasal hump reduction, nasal tip lift;
  • earlobe reshaping.

STYLAGE L has specifically designed formula to treat patients with:

  • deep to very deep wrinkles;
  • severe nasogenian folds;
  • oral commissures (marionette lines)

STYLAGE L  is also very effective treatment for hand rejuvenation, to treat volume loss on the back of the hands.

Facial Volume Restoration

As we get older, the face loses its natural volume and its contour is less defined. Loss of volume is one of the most evident forms of facial ageing caused by reduced skin elasticity, diet, stress, smoking and other contributing factors. The face starts to lose its natural volume and its contours become less defined. Facial features become sharper and the oval of our face loses its shape. To give the face attractive volume, Laboratories VIVACY has developed STYLAGE XL,STYLAGE XXL and STYLAGE XL Lidocaine.

STYLAGE XL and STYLAGE XXL will help achieve instant natural results that will last up to 12 months or even more, depending on your skin type, age, lifestyle, the area treated and the injection technique used for the procedure.

STYLAGE XL and STYLAGE XXL are used for the treatment of facial volume defects, restoration and creation of facial contours, cheekbone area augmentation, and treatment of a slight ptosis.

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