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Biorevitalization is the revitalization of skin in a biological way to rejuvenate, hydrate dry, tired and sun-damaged skin with an immediate effect.

It is an injection method that introduces small doses of Hyaluronic acid into the dermis. This improves cellular metabolism and deep moisturising of the dermis, which reduce the speed of aging skin and improve the quality of the skin from the inside out with Biorevitalisation.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in tears and in the intracellular spaces of the skin, playing an important role in maintaining moisture levels and producing collagen, giving the skin softness and elasticity. With age, this natural substance is diminished, causing the skin to wrinkle and dry.

During the procedure, the skin is injected with small doses of pure hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. Hyaluronic acid is the main structural element of tears and connective tissue.

Hyaluronic acid maintains moisture in skin. One molecule combines 200-500 molecules of water by maintaining the balance of moisture in tissues. Such obvious role of hyaluronic acid in skin moisturizing ensures the youth of skin.

The amount of hyaluronic acid in young peoples’ derma is rather high for skin to be bright and young. However, eventually the amount of “youth elixir” starts to decline unstoppably and, thus, reduces the tonus of skin, tightness, elasticity, skin stops looking lively, looks dehydrated and wrinkles are formed. In addition to natural biological ageing, the skin is also affected by photoageing, i.e., the withering and ageing of skin is additionally stimulated by the UV rays.

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