Laser Breast Lift

The Scar-free laser breast lift is a pioneering, unique technique which was created by Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi in 2006. The procedure involves the use of Smartlipo laser for breast lifting with no pain, bruising and with no downtime.

Prior to the laser breast-lift intervention, surgery was the only option to lift the breasts and as with most surgical operations, breast lift surgery requires downtime and visible scarring which is challenging to both patients and surgeons.


Laser Breast lifting is suitable for women who have slightly droopy breasts caused by childbirth, ageing or weight loss. It tightens the skin above the breasts, lifting up to 4 to 5 cm in most cases, all with no pain, bruising or swelling, no downtime and instant results, which will improve within a few weeks after the procedure. However, this treatment is not suitable for very large breasts.

The laser technology involves the use of a specific pulsating Nd:YAG laser with two wavelengths working together   to non-invasive lift and tighten the skin above and around the breast tissue. The Treatment is effective and safe in reducing sagginess in the breast and the surrounding tissue.

The laser energy coagulates the tissue, thereby sculpting body contours and tightening the skin which in turn provides the breast lifting effect.  The treatment also boosts collagen production, leading toward tighter and firmer breasts and improved skin tone. The procedure generally causes no bleeding and rarely minimum discomfort.

The procedure

Laser breast lifting involves a two-step process that induces the superficial tightening and deep tightening of the tissue above and surrounding the breast

The Smartlipo MPX technology works by introducing pulsed laser energy through a cannula under the skin above the breast area. The laser energy coagulates the tissue, thereby sculpting body contours and tightening the skin which in turn provides the lifting effect and by boosting collagen production, leading toward tighter and firmer breasts and improved skin tone. Fatty deposits can also be removed at the same time from the arm pit area if needed.

The treatment can cause some mild discomfort in some patients during their session. Most patients report that the pain dissolves immediately after the treatment has been completed. Smartlipo  laser breast-lifting procedures are non-invasive and are generally well tolerated. Taking around 1 hour for the total process the treatment takes place under a local anesthetic which results in minimal downtime for the patient.

After the laser breast-lift procedure, some patients may experience dry skin that feels tight. These symptoms are totally normal after laser breast-lifting treatments and can be expected from the thermal energy produced within the dermal structures of the treated areas. Patients may consistently moisturize their breasts to avoid any dryness that they may experience in their breasts. Patients can return to work within 2 days, and go to the gym after two weeks or so.

The Results

In most of the cases visible results are seen immediately, however, it will take 1-2 months to start seeing significant results of the skin lifting effect and the results usually last up to 2-3 years.

The benefits of Smartlipo MPX include using the most advanced and sophisticated laser technology, targeting skin tissue and fat, with the ability to tighten the skin and coagulate small blood vessels (stop and prevent bleeding). In addition, there will be small skin incisions made, 1-2 mm, which will fade away after 2-3 months. Patients can go to work the next day, or the day after the procedure, and they can go to the gym after ten days.


The laser breast lift procedure generally causes no bleeding, swelling or bruising. Smartlipo MPX is equipped with two important features, the SmartSense and the ThermaGuide.

Using Smartlipo MPX or Smartlipo Triplex laser technology, we are able to achieve safe fast and effective results for our patients, as both systems are equipped with two important unique features, the SmartSense and the ThermaGuide, offering the most advanced and sophisticated laser technology, which cause no bleeding, swelling or bruising and resulting in fewer complications and rapid recovery time.

The SmartSense delivery system contains an advanced microchip called an Accelerometer, which is inserted into the intelligent hand-piece.  Based on the setting of the surgeon (high, medium, or low) and the motion of the intelligent hand-piece, the precise laser power is metered and delivered.


ThermaGuide provides temperature feed back to deliver the appropriate level of laser energy and the ThermaGuide cannula contains a sensor which measures tissue temperature, therefor, the laser energy is delivered until the target temperature is reached for a safer and more uniform treatment. The sophisticated software allows to select temperature settings to both warn the surgeon and then reduce the laser energy when sub-dermal temperatures exceed target temperature.


Mr Ayham Al-Ayoubi explains that, laser breast lift procedure and like any other laser surgical treatments it could have some side effects and complications, including burns of the skin or fat tissue (This will be prevented by using the SmartSense, ThermaGuide and infra-red gun and the use of ice).

Also, asymmetry, bleeding, haematoma, saeroma, numbness of treated area for a few days-weeks, temporary lumps under the skin for a week and indentations. Nevertheless, it’s the duty of the surgeon to minimize the side effects, possible risks and complications, even so they cannot be eliminated.

Laser Breast Lift VS Surgical Breast Lift

Laser Breast Lift is different from regular breast lifting as the procedure generally causes no bleeding, swelling or bruising resulting in fast recovery and it requires no downtime, and results in no-post procedure scarring on the breast. After the non-surgical laser breast lift procedure, lifting and tightening of the breast are visible immediately.

Breast lift surgery is normally carried out under a general anesthetic and will involve an overnight stay in hospital depending on the extent and size of the procedure. Laser breast lifting involves no downtime and an overnight stay in hospital is not necessary. Patients can even return to work within 2 days, and go to the gym after about a week or so.

Laser Breast Lift at our clinic

At our clinic, laser breast lift is performed by Mr Ayham Al-Ayoubi himself, the UK’s leading Smartlipo laser surgeon. Respected both nationally and internationally as a leading surgeon, lecturer and tutor, he is a pioneer of new techniques and surgical innovations.

Mr Ayoubi had fully developed the concept of “Laser Liposuction” and “Laser Breast Lift” and was the first Surgeon to introduce all generations of Smartlipo lasers into the UK.

By creating and applying his own advanced techniques in laser surgery, Mr Ayoubi has inspired plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors to follow his lead. Consequently, Mr Ayoubi has earned his title and reputation as the ‘King of Smartlipo’ within the field of cosmetic laser surgery.

Through his commitment to innovation, medical excellence and the highest standards of patient care, Mr Ayham Al-Ayoubi has gained an unrivaled reputation with patients travelling from all over the world to have him perform Smartlipo laser body sculpting treatments at our clinic.

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