Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery, also known as rhytidectomy, which literally means “surgical removal of wrinkles” is a cosmetic procedure which gives the patient a more youthful appearance.

Face lift is one of the cosmetic procedures that has attained growing popularity in recent years and is no longer a treatment exclusive to the likes of Hollywood stars.

Studies have shown that the Face lift procedure is becoming more and more standard in the catalogue of choices people have in going about everyday life.

Our Approch to FaceLift Surgery

At our clinic Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi’s belief is that every single patient has a unique beauty and he is dedicated to give every patient the particular results that they want with implementing his Motto “Enhancing but preserving our natural beauty “.

We offer a wide variety of treatment options for improving the appearance and age of the face. Among them are traditional and most advanced facelift surgery.

There are a number of methods to carrying out Face lift, all with their own benefits and differences, these include:

Traditional face lift

Endoscopic – Keyhole Face lift surgery

Minimal-access cranial suspension Face lift (MACS)

Face lift Keyhole involves the placement of an endoscope through an incision and carrying out the procedure via a television monitor, whereas Face lift MACS involves the removal of excess fat amongst other things.

Before opting for any type of facelift surgery, our patients will have the opportunity to sit down with one of our consultants plastic surgeons and discuss their individual case in detail. After careful assessment, patients will be given expert advice on which procedure will provide maximum benefit for them.

Who Could Benfiet From FaceLift

Our faces are the signature of our beauty. We all like to stay young all lifelong. It is possible now with an advanced facelift surgery to enhance but preserve our natural facial beauty. Both men and women can benefit from face lift. Without showing obviously that he or she has had a face lift.

As the skin ages it loses its natural bounce and elasticity. As a result the look of the facial skin can become increasingly saggy and dull. Most people also start to notice the visible signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles, and these tend to be most prominent around the eyes, nose and mouth. A face lift is an effective means of smoothing out lines and wrinkles and creating a fresher, younger complexion.

Anti-ageing treatments are widely available, but their effectiveness is often brought into question. The effects of a face lift are undeniable and it is certain that people look younger after treatment.

Face lifts involve smoothing out the wrinkles on the face and the tightening of the tissue underneath, creating the appearance of a younger face, which is more firm. The overall effect is that of removing the signs of aging. Surgeons will remove the excess skin on the face, cheeks and neck.

Aesthetic Balance

Elegance in facial features is important to all, but there are considerable differences in what we expect to see in the appearance of men and women.
Such differences encompass not only the clarity of the skin, the complexion, shadows and highlights, but also the actual shape of the bone structure in the face.

Choosing to undergo a face lift procedure usually entails different desires for men and women in terms of facial contours, definition, and the extent of the surgery.

An aesthetic balance of the face however is more than the sum of maximising each possible change, and the primary target for the result of Face lift surgery is an elegant and age appropriate outcome and Face lift surgeries should achieve a natural look.

The careful preparation for the Face lift surgery, discussing openly with the plastic surgeon the points of strong of concerns, and understanding the tipping point towards the face lift surgery are important components of the successful outcome of facelift surgery.

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