The Knife Free Nose Job

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The nose is in the center of the face where even a slight change can make a huge difference to a person’s appearance.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi says; Many people lack confidence due to the shape of their nose. For many years the only option for these people to regain their confidence has been through a painful surgery called a rhinoplasty.

non-surgical procedure

A non-surgical procedure has now been developed to help thousands of people reshape or re-contour their unsightly nose without having to go through surgery.

The treatment involves injecting dermal filler into the nose to smooth out the line of the nose from the base to the tip. This procedure, in reality, makes the nose bigger, but actually makes the nose appear smaller due to the creation of a more regular appearance.

The new generation of fillers which are hyaluronic acid based is fast becoming the number one choice for medical professionals. They are soft durable and give natural results which are finally completely reabsorbed by the body.

Non Surgical Nose Job

Prior to the procedure, a topical anesthetic would be applied to the patient’s nose to provide a numbing effect. The dermal filler would then be injected into the nose where needed and molded into the desired position.

The procedure lasts ten to fifteen minutes and is virtually pain-free. Patients can resume their daily activities immediately afterward and the effects last from nine months to a year.

The procedure does not affect breathing as it is not injected into the nasal cavity. There is little or no downtime from the procedure. Patients may find that they have some small bruise, redness or swelling which resolves within a couple of days.

You can see the results immediately after the treatment. Suitable candidates for this procedure are those who are unhappy with the shape, have an asymmetrical nose, unappealing lumps or depressions, or want to raise the tip or bridge of the nose.

This treatment is also ideal for patients who may have certain nose deformities after an accident, or those who would just like to experiment with the shape of their nose.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi at the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, has developed further the non- surgical nose job in the UK using a variety of different fillers, and providing exceptional results by tailoring the procedures to individuals’ specific needs.

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