Dermal Fillers Under Eyes

We pride ourselves to be the very first clinic to introduce the revolutionary dermal filler – Restylane Eyelight into the UK by Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi in 2022.

The delicate under-eye area often shows signs of ageing, through sagging skin, loss of volume, loss of fat and dark circles. The under-eye area can appear hollow and darkened. Dermal face fillers provide a safe, minimally invasive, and impressive solution to improve the appearance of the under-eye area, effectively treating sagging skin, indentations, and stubborn dark circles.

Our clinic specialises in under eye treatments and has done for many years, using special Dermal Fillers specially designed to treat the under eye areas such as, Restylane Vital SkinBooster which can softly restore the lost volume in this delicate area

Hollow Under Eyes

The under the eye area ‘infraorbital region’ between the lower eyelids and upper cheeks has always been challenging to treat, and yet is one of the areas most prone to ageing, with the development of dark circles under the eyes being one of the earliest signs.

This under-eye groove was originally described by Loeb as the ‘nasojugal groove’ but is more commonly referred to today to the “tear trough”, a term that was first coined by Dr Flowers in 1969 to describe the concavity at the border of the eyelid and cheek medially.

There may be more than one cause of undereye hollows, however the three key factors are genetics, ageing, loss of fat, very thin wrinkly skin, lack of sleep, stress or smoking and then the combination of all above.

Lack of volume and volume loss in the undereye region causes hollowing of the infraorbital region, leading to tear trough deformity. These undereye hollows can create shadows and emphasize dark circles in the undereye region.

HA Dermal Fillers and Tear Trough

Non-surgical correction of the tear trough deformity with hyaluronic acid is very effective, safe and popular treatment at our clinic and associated with high patient satisfaction.

The new HA filler specifically formulated to treat eye area was launched in 2022. Restylane Eyelight uses proprietary NASHA technology with the right gel properties for treating the tear trough. This is combined with lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, to allow for a more comfortable treatment.

The NASHA cross-linking technology produces firmer gels that are ideal for tear trough area to treat tired-looking eyes. It gives patients predictable outcomes and provides natural-looking results, helping them to look less tired and more rested.

Clinical results demonstrated that 6 months after the first treatment, 88% of people reported looking less tired and 91% of people still felt attractive due to the improvement in their dark circles.

Restylane Eyelight is the newest filler within the Restylane collection. It is designed for precision, lifting and accuracy in a highly delicate area and helps improve the light reflux underneath the eye.

The periorbital region is a region that needs a lot of respect. Therefore, we need to do a topographical assessment of the patient to ensure the injection strategy is fool proof before we start the treatment.

Restylane Eyelight is a precision product that is designed for minimal injection in a very delicate area. As long as the facial plastic surgeon places the filler supraperiosteally, using a very tiny needle or a cannula, hr patient can get amazing results just from a small amount of this revolutionary dermal filler.

The Treatment

The treatment is almost painless and Mr Ayoubi uses a special micorneedle specifically designed to be used in this very delicate area.

The treatment is safe with the results lasting up to two years. There is no downtime and patients can carry on their day as usual after the treatment. Some patients could develop some swelling for a day or two after the treatment which will disappear spontaneously. The bruising after the treatment are rare and serious complications of the treatment are extremely rare, providing the treatment was reformed by an experienced facial plastic surgeon.

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