HYACorp Buttock Lift

We are proud to offer the unique HYAcorp treatment, which was introduced into the UK by Mr Ayham Al-Alayoubi to patients who are thinking of shaping or enhancing the breast or buttocks in a narural and safe way. HYAcorp can instantly improve the shape of buttocks, breasts and other body areas.

HYAcorp is the revolutionary body shaping product made from cross-linked hyaluronic acid indicated for volume restoration and shaping of breasts, calves, and buttocks. HYAcorp is minimally invasive, minimal downtime, HA treatment making it the first generation of body aesthetics.

HYAcorp can also even out discrepancies in the skin surface, for example, those caused by liposuction. HYAcorp can also be used to improve the appearance of thick, disfiguring surgical scars. It is intended to last for 12-24 months.

HYACorp Use

Many Surgeons see advantages of using HYAcorp for breast shaping as opposed to more invasive techniques. HYAcorp beautifully shapes the body and where needed even out irregularities in the skin surface induced by liposuction.

The most common indications of interest for HYAcorp treatments to men:

  • Male Chest (Pecs)
  • Post-Liposuction Concavities
  • Buttock Shaping
  • Male Enhancement
  • Calves Shaping

HYAcorp for breast shaping is suitable for women who have asymmetry, loss of volume because of breastfeeding or weight loss, or under-developed breasts. HYAcorp is particularly suited for women wishing to increase by a cup size and seeking increased shape as opposed to breast augmentation. HYAcorp enables surgeons to sculpt the breast to provide a very natural breast enhancement.

HYAcorp does have a potential for use in reconstruction in a breast cancer patient’s post lumpectomy, as a separate treatment or together with other reconstructive procedures because of its molding and shaping qualities. It is recommended that this group of patients discuss all the treatment options with their breast reconstructive surgeon.

HYAcorp is available in two different formulations. The product range includes – HYAcorp MLF1 and HYAcorp MLF2. Each body filler is designed to be tailored to individual treatment needs, with MLF2 containing a thicker gel.

HYAcorp MLF1 is specially designed for contouring and re-shaping of small areas of the body ( Hands, Correction of concave deformities and Calves )

HYAcorp MLF2 : The size of the particles and the composition of HYAcorp MLF2 provides maximal volumizing results in body contouring for Buttock and Breast.

HYACorp Suitability

For many years patients, all around the world have been using aesthetic treatments to combat the signs of ageing and restore lost volume in the face. Now the same results can be delivered to an entire body in the form of non-surgical body shaping treatment, that can naturally regenerate body contours with the hyaluronic acid (HA) fermal fillers.

According to the recent market study the number of men and women choosing to enhance their body contour in a more natural, non-invasive way, without implants, body fat or major surgical procedures, has been significantly increasing for the past few years.  In addition to that, more and more men are undergoing procedures like calves and buttock re-shaping using body fillers.

The reasons patients are considering the alternative methods of body shaping comprise concerns about general anesthesia, post-surgery downtime, and scarring.

Even though body and facial fillers are both made of high quality cross-linked hyaluronic acid, they have one significant difference between them.  The fraction size used in body fillers is higher than the ones for facial use, making the gel thicker and thus longer lasting.  HA body fillers are used for volume restoration, body contouring and re-shaping of big and small areas of the body.

HYAcorp – the first body shaping treatment using hyaluronic acid. HYAcorp is an innovative product currently indicated for volume restoration and shaping of body surfaces, for example, breast shaping, the calves, and buttocks.

HYAcorp Treatment

The HYAcorp procedure is performed under local anesthetic in a clean environment like minor surgery and general anesthesia is not require. The procedure is short and requires only local anesthesia resulting in minimal downtime, time away from work or day to day activities

During the treatment, HYAcorp gel is injected with a special needle deep under the skin to add volume and support, leaving no unsightly scars. After treatment with HYAcorp the patient can see the results instantly, and return to usual daily routine shortly after the procedure.

Nevertheless, some general injection-related reactions might occur including redness, swelling, tenderness, pain, bruising or itching.  Reactions usually resolve within few weeks. During the first week after the treatment, intense heat or cold, strenuous exercise or activity that could put pressure on the treatment area should be avoided.

HYAcorp is available in two formulations that can be injected separately or in combination to make sure the full correction and smoothness of the skin surface. The formulation and volume of HYAcorp used (either MLF1 or MLF2) will depend on the individual and treatment area.

HYAcorp Safety

HYAcorp MLF1 & MLF2 is CE approved in EU approved for the use of volume restoration and shaping of body surfaces and HYAcorp is licensed for breast shaping. HYAcorp HA is tested BSE-free and of non-animal origin and the Hyaluronic acid used in HYAcorp production is BDDE free and endotoxin, with insignificant protein concentrations.

Patient safety is a priority; the company has carried out clinical trials into the use of HYAcorp for women undergoing mammography following breast shaping. Results of these clinical investigations show that HYAcorp does not interfere with mammograms or obstruct the detection of breast defects.

Women who considered breast shaping with HYAcorp wanted to be reassured that the implant did not affect the efficiency of future mammograms and the breast tissue itself adversely and there is no link between HYAcorp, which is composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance already found in the body, and cancer

HYAcorp injection is far less invasive than surgery with short recovery period with a natural material in the body and with instant results.

In one study, mammography after HYAcorp injection for breast augmentation was evaluated. It was concluded that mammograms from these patients were easy to evaluate. Furthermore, routine supplementation of mammography with MRI does not appear necessary in patients treated with HYAcorp.

Hyaluronic acid used in HYAcorp production is BDDE free and endotoxin, with insignificant protein concentrations. HYAcorp HA is tested BSE-free and of non-animal origin.

Patients travel from all over the UK and from around the world to have Mr Ayham Al-Ayoubi perform the unique HYACrop treatment at the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic.

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